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Chapter 556 – Ghost King Ye Wu Chen Part 1

Chapter 556- Ghost King Ye Wu Chen Part 1

“I’m sorry, but I don’t think I’m capable enough.” Mu Ru Yue lifted her eyelashes a little before she continued indifferently, “You should be able to see through my cultivation. I am only a martial practitioner that had just entered the Mystic realm. I don’t have the ability to change this world nor do I want to change it.”

She had come here just to search for Ye Wu Chen. The world had nothing to do with her.

Ouyang Yun Jin seemed to have already predicted her decision so he wasn’t taken aback. He just smirked slightly before he persuaded, “If you help our Ouyang family, I can represent the Ouyang family to swear their loyalty and devotion to you as their master!”

Ouyang Jing, who didn’t say a thing from the start, was a little startled as he shot an astonished gaze toward Ouyang Yun Jin.

That price was still too much even though he similarly wanted to change the flow of the world.

“What is your status in the family?” Mu Ru Yue asked after remaining silent for a while.

Since he could represent the Ouyang family, it would mean that he had a high status within it.

“The young master of the Ouyang family, Ouyang Yun Jin.”

Ouyang Yun Jin lifted his head slightly with a trace of happiness on his face.

Even though he had introduced himself calmly, he was proud of his identity…

“Do you mind if I ask you a question? Will there be danger for the help that you are requesting?” Mu Ru Yue continued calmly with a light smile, “It is certain that your conditions are really tempting. But I’m a person that fears death by nature so I naturally won’t do anything that is dangerous.”

Ouyang Yun Jin was stunned before he chuckled and replied, “Yes, it will be!”

It was Mu Ru Yue’s turn to be stunned this time.

She didn’t expect Ouyang Yun Jin to be so honest.

If he had replied that it wouldn’t be dangerous, Mu Ru Yue would decline his request without a second thought. How could the Ouyang family come searching for her help if it wasn’t a dangerous matter?

But he clearly told her that it would be dangerous.

Mu Ru Yue smiled faintly. Her wariness toward Ouyang Yin Jin had vanished as she agreed, “What is your request? I will agree to it!”

Ouyang Yun Jin said the truth after she said that she wouldn’t accept his request if it was dangerous. Thus, she was willing to trust him once.

She was just testing him by saying that previously…

“What do you want me to do?” She lifted her gaze to meet Ouyang Yun Jin, without a single ripple in her calm eyes.

Ouyang Yun Jin couldn’t help but compliment on her personality. She was such a young and talented girl. There probably wasn’t anyone in the Ouyang family that could match up to her.

Even if it was the strongest girl in the Ouyang family, Ouyang Qing Yun, his daughter.

“I want to change this world so the only method will be to become the supreme leader of this world!”

Ouyang Yun Jin raised his eyes to look toward Mu Ru Yue. A layer of dominance filled his black eyes.

Mu Ru Yue chuckled lightly as she ridiculed, “You had just mentioned that there were some people that are too ambitious in trying to govern the entire world. Can it be that you are one of them?”

Her tone was drenched with mockery, but Ouyang Yun Jin didn’t get enrage. He just replied calmly, “I only want to lead the four large family clans and not all of the people in the world. But there are some people that are delusional in wanting despotism over every single person in this continent!”

Mu Ru Yue narrowed her eyes a little as she quietly listened to what Ouyang Yun Jin was saying.

He then continued after a short pause, “Is the lady an alchemist?”

Mu Ru Yue’s brows rose, but she didn’t indicate if she was or not.

“Hehe!” Ouyang Yun Jin chuckled in a low tone. With a smirk, he explained, “Alchemists are scarce in our world that the number of them could be counted with fingers. It was due to the war countless thousand of years ago that ruined numerous precious alchemy formulas. Currently, there was only an Mundane Stage Peak Rank alchemist within the one of the four large family clans, the Nanfang family.”