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Chapter 536 – Chasing After Your Steps Part 5

Chapter 536 -Chasing After Your Steps Part 5

“You will just need to go through this pathway to the Realmless. But it will be really dangerous within and you will need to persevere through it yourself.” Mu Rong Qing Chu turned his head toward Mu Ru Yue and smiled before he continued, “Furthermore, I want to tell you something about the Realmless. Martial practitioners in the Realmless does not cultivate like the continent even when there are still several experts. Yet, there was still numerous ordinary people that can’t cultivate energy. Although some of those people learned some moves, but there still can’t be counted as Martial practitioners. They are at most just posers. Only a few family clans in the Realmless possess Martial practitioner so you should try not to use your energy there. Otherwise, those family clans will definitely do their utmost best to recruit you. If they can’t, they may result in wanting to kill you.”

Mu Ru Yue’s brows rose, but she didn’t say anything further. She just walked forth to enter the large door.

Following to the sound of the door being closed, Mu Rong Qing Chu’s gaze slowly turned serious. “Perhaps she will be the only one that will be able to accomplish that matter. I hold lots of confidence in her…”

Moreover, this could only be done by her!

The glacial snow within the door was like swords.

Those ice swords landed on the girl’s body, giving a bone-piercing pain. But Mu Ru Yue bore with the pain as she thought about Ye Wu Chen beyond these large doors.

Moreover, this path was something Ye Wu Chen went through…

“Since I said that I will chase after his steps, I will similarly thread on the path he took!”

The pathway through the door was really long. Mu Ru Yue no longer knew how long she had walked, but it felt as though a thousand years had passed…

Mu Ru Yue currently no longer had her initial magnificent grandeur. Her white robe had turned into a blood robe. It was as though she just walked out from a blood bath. Nevertheless, she didn’t stop her advancement and continued on…

At this moment, a ray of light shone through from the layers of snow blades, making Mu Ru Yue’s body to shudder. Her steps hastened as she dashed toward the light…

Yet, once she stepped through the large doors, she became light headed and lost her consciousness…

The eyelashes of a girl with a tightly closed eyes fluttered as she opened her eyes gradually within an ancient decorated and scented room. She massaged the temple of her light headed head with a trace of lost in her eyes.

When she was surveying the room, an unruly voice was heard from outside the room.

“All of you get out of my way! I heard that elder brother Shao Chen brought back a girl. I want to have a look at which kind of girl was so capable in seducing elder brother Shao Chen!”

That voice was filled with arrogance, making Mu Ru Yue frown.

The room door was opened abruptly before she could say anything. Following that, a girl that was dressed like a flower peacock entered her sight.

Mu Ru Yue didn’t have any good feelings to girls like her and didn’t felt like saying anything. Yet, the other didn’t plan to let her off easily.

“You are the girl that elder brother Shao Chen brought back?” The peacock dressed girl raised her chin arrogantly as she glanced with disdain at the feeble complexion girl lying on the bed before she continued, “Have you seen yourself in a mirror? How can an ugly person like you be delusional enough to try and seduce my elder brother Shao Chen? I really don’t know why elder brother Shao Chen brought you back to the Wang manor!”

‘Wang manor?’

Mu Ru Yue frowned as she silently pondered over those to word, neglecting that word ‘ugly’ that the peacock dressed girl said…

‘Can this place be the Realmless that Mu Rong Qing Chu had mentioned? It seems that there isn’t any difference from this place to the continent. I also don’t know where Wu Chen is…’