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Chapter 452 – Mundane Stage Mid Rank alchemist Part 1

Chapter 452 -Mundane Stage Mid Rank alchemist Part 1

Mu Ru Yue pondered for a while as she stared at her abdomen. Her current living conditions weren’t that proper so it might be a good thing that this child will arrive only after a few years time.

Moreover, she always felt a push of energy hitting against her dantian whenever she cultivated. It seemed that it was her little fellow helping her…

When she left the restaurant, it was already noon. Her path was then blocked by a person after she walked a few steps out.

Mu Ru Yue’s brows rose as she looked calmly at the man before her. “Eldest brother, you can head back first. I’ve got some matters I have to settle.”


Xiao Feng looked at the middle-aged man before him and nodded. “Stay safe. I will wait for you in the Xiao family.”

Mu Ru Yue didn’t comment further. Once Xiao Feng left, she looked at the middle-aged man before her and asked indifferently, “Have you gathered all of the medicinal plants?”

“Yes.” Chen Fan smiled and continued, “I don’t know when this lady’s master will be coming.”

“Let me take a look first.”

Mu Ru Yue didn’t reply to his question as she said casually.

Chen Fan gazed for a moment before he made a gesture. “Lady, please come this way. The head and young master of the family is already waiting for your arrival.”

“Alright.” Mu Ru Yue nodded and followed behind Chen Fan.

Inside an imposing manor, a middle-aged man sat upright with traces of anxiousness expressed on his handsome face. Suddenly, a beautiful figure appeared in the courtyard. His eyes lit up gradually and stood up.

When the figure neared, the middle-aged man couldn’t help but size her up…

The oncoming girl was wearing a snow-white robe. She looked attractive and elegant. A trace of a domineering aura was expressed in her exquisite eyes. When her hair fluttered in the wind, it enhanced the girl’s beauty.

What was more surprising was that the girl had a king’s grandeur.

Xuan Yuan couldn’t help but sigh as he felt he was far inferior to this young girl in grandeur…

“Are you the lady that Chen Fan spoke of?” Xuan Yuan changed his expression into a smile as he watched Mu Ru Yue enter. “It is really the case that the younglings are talented. May I ask where is your master?”

“My master isn’t on this continent.”


Xuan Yuan was stunned as he tossed a puzzled gaze at Chen Fan. If this girl’s master wasn’t here, who was going to be treating his son?

“Lady, about my son’s body…”

“Don’t worry.” Mu Ru Yue’s brows rose as she continued, “I have come for him. I have an 80 percent probability of treating him even if I am not fully certain.”

A probability of 80 percent was more than enough. The other alchemists didn’t even reach ten percent. But this little girl was so young. Even if she were an alchemist, how much could she accomplish at her tender age?

Xuan Yuan became silent. He suddenly felt that it was laughable for him to believe a little girl…

Mu Ru Yue could see the doubt in Xuan Yuan’s eyes. She casually said, “He won’t be able to live after a few more days. If you believe me, he may survive. He will definitely die in five days without treatment anyways!”

Xuan Yuan’s body jolted as he gradually closed his eyes after hearing what she said.

‘What she says is right. If I believe her, there may be a chance. If not, then even deities and gods can’t save him…’

“Alright. I will trust you.”

Xuan Yuan opened his eyes after a long time. With bright glimmers dancing in his eyes, he asked, “Lady, do you need any other things? We will do everything we can to assist you…”