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Chapter 429 – Breakthrough To The Xiantian High Rank Part 2

Chapter 429 -Breakthrough To The Xiantian High Rank Part 2

“Oh?” Hong Yun looked at Fu Li as he said calmly, “You know?”

“That’s right.” Fu Li nodded. “This Lady Lan Yue is the reincarnation of Senior Yue. Something went wrong with her mental powers so she isn’t as strong as previously. Now, we are trying to recover her mental strength. We just need a soul.”

When he said the last sentence, he shifted his gaze to Mu Ru Yue. He then said coldly, “This woman not only led the annihilation of Senior Yue’s family, she is also unwilling to give her soul to Senior Yue. With Senior Yue’s prestique status, it should be her blessing that her soul is looked heavily upon by Senior Yue. Yet, Mu Ru Yue doesn’t know what is good for her and didn’t in the slightest think about the big picture!”

In Fu Li’s point of view, everything should be done for the big picture, but Mu Ru Yue just cared about her own benefits.

“More importantly, this woman allied with the dean to impersonate Senior Yue’s famous title and is delusional in trying to fool the world.” Fu Li smirked with his gaze sinisterly cold.

Hong Yun’s expression turned grim slowly. It was as dark as the calm before the storm. But in Fu Li’s eyes, he thought that what he said was working and that the two ancestors won’t let that woman off!

“You are Lan Yue?” Hong Yun’s gaze landed on Lan Yue. With a frown, he asked, “What is your relationship with Zi Feng who had killed Senior Yue previously?”

Lan Yue’s expression changed drastically as she looked astonished at the elderly face of Hong Yun.

“Ancestor, since you said someone killed Senior Yue, she must be the victim.” Fu Li looked puzzled at Hong Yun as he frowned.

At this moment, Qi Rong felt that something wasn’t right so she didn’t continue to speak. Even she herself didn’t know where this strange feeling was coming from.

She felt that it wasn’t as simple as what Fu Li was saying…

“Shut up!” Hong Yun looked coldly at Fu Li. The happiness in his eyes gradually disappeared. He then shifted his head to the paled Lan Yue and snorted coldly as he continued, “Little girl, answer me! What is your relationship with Zi Feng?! I can feel that she forcefully increased your powers, making your strength increase to the Xiantian Full Circle realm from the Ninth Martial Stage. But due to the sudden increase in power, it left a side effect. You will only be able to maintain your current cultivation for life and won’t be able to improve any further.”

Every one of her secrets had been broken through by Hong Yun and Lan Yue’s body shuddered.

She had indeed forcefully increased her powers, but master told her that by consuming Mu Ru Yue’s soul, she would not only obtain her mental strength, she would be able to continue cultivating so she had thought of several ways to obtain Mu Ru Yue’s soul!

But it seemed that everything was going to fail…

Lan Yue’s body shivered. She didn’t expect that just when she was one step away from succeeding, these old fellow came out.

It was just one step!!

If Fu Li didn’t understand now, he was really a fool. He looked shocked at Hong Yun’s angered expression. His mind hadn’t yet come around.

‘This… what is happening? Didn’t Senior Qi Rong say she was Senior Yue? What is with the current situation then?’

A Xiantian Full Circle expert in her twenties was impressive as Mu Ru Yue had only reached the Xiantian Mid Rank. If it were a Xiantian Full circle expert that forcefully used external force to increase her powers to the current cultivation and couldn’t cultivate further, then it would be a different story.

There was nothing in the world that could enable a person to rapidly gain powers without paying a price.

Qi Rong shifted her head as she looked unbelievably at the pale Lan Yue. She understood everything at this moment as deep pain and sorrow filled her turbid eyes.