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Chapter 400 – Breakthrough To The Low Rank Mundane Stage Alchemist Part 8

Chapter 400 – Breakthrough To The Low Rank Mundane Stage Alchemist Part 8

“Senior Qi Rong, I will be troubling you then.”

Lan Yue smiled gently with eyes like water that churned with gentle ripples.

“Haha! Lan Yue, you don’t need to be this polite toward me. The Central Region Academy is originally your home. That’s right, has your memories become clearer lately?”

Qi Rong looked at Lan Yue with a trace of hope in her eyes.

“A little.” Lan Yue nodded slightly. With an obscure light of ray in her eyes, she continued, “It is a pity that this body doesn’t adapt to my powers well so my control over my spirit isn’t enough and can’t readily refine high grade pills. But my master promised me that I would be able to cultivate my mental powers soon…”

Qi Rong sighed with pity after hearing her words. Who didn’t know that Senior Yue was previously a rare alchemist that existed once in ten thousand years? It was a pity that due to her rebirth, her mental power wasn’t strong enough. However, Qi Rong believed there would be a day that Senior Yue would regain the glory of her previous life.

“Senior Qi Rong, where are you heading to?” Lan Yue thought as she changed the topic as she asked in a voice as gentle as water.

“Oh. It is like this…”

Qi Rong told Lan Yue everything she had heard from the rumours of the academy and told her decision to her. However, she just narrated what she knew and didn’t notice that a ray of sinister light flashed in Lan Yue’s eyes when she mentioned Mu Ru Yue’s name.

“Senior Yue, I don’t know if I should say this.” Lan Yue raised her head with a smile as she muttered, “You and Senior Luo Yin are in a senior and junior relationship. Isn’t it too unworthy for you two to fall out due to a girl? Moreover, she indeed wasn’t in the wrong. I don’t know if Senior Qi Rong can give me some face?”

Qi Rong looked curiously at Lan Yue.

How could she not understand Lan Yue’s personality after socializing with her these days? She was one that would decisively avenge for her grudges and didn’t like meddling in others’ business.

‘How can she ask me to let that woman off?’

Qi Rong frowned and still didn’t know what Lan Yue was thinking after pondering for quite sometimes. “Since you asked, I will temporary let her off on your behalf. If she commits more mistakes, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

Lan Yue smiled gently. She cast down her eyes to cover her sinister gaze…

‘Mu Ru Yue, I was inferior to you so I was forced to leave the Lan family. Feng Jing Tian and you probably won’t expect that I survived! I already used Qi Rong to deal with the grudges of the Feng family. Now it should be your turn!’


A white robed girl gradually lifted her hand inside a painting-like mountain valley. A scorching flame rose from her palm.

Her complexion was pale-white as perspiration drenched her forehead. But as she exhaled and inhaled, energy entered her body from all seven of her orifices, replenishing her energy.


Constant collisions could suddenly be heard from the Phoenix Furnace.

Mu Ru Yue turned her palm downward and her tyrannical mental power surged out instantly, enveloping the Phoenix Furnace. A scent then permeated from the Phoenix Furnace…

“Pill complete!”

Her gaze relaxed and with a wave of her hand, she opened the furnace. She then took out the pills from within the Phoenix Furnace, meticulously inspecting each of them.

“Eighteen Gathering Energy Pills? It isn’t bad for my first time refining Mundane Stage pills…”

Mu Ru Yue brows rose as she looked at Xiao Bai after keeping those pills. She then bid her farewells to Xiao Bai. “Xiao Bai, since I had refined the pill, I will leave the Alchemy Book for a while. I will come back again later to see you.”