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Chapter 354 – The Dean’s Astonishment Part 5

Chapter 354 -The Dean’s Astonishment Part 5

The yellowed leaves radiated with boundless vitality. Under his astonished gaze, the stem of the leaf rose. The two elders were dumbfounded as they saw this peculiar sight. They didn’t know how it had happened.

“Using energy to grow medicine? Can this be the legendary method of growing medicine with energy?” Song Ran stared in shock at the Silver Leaf that was being enveloped with green light. His expression was as though he saw a ghost. His sight slowly shifted toward Mu Ru Yue and exclaimed, “Monster, this fella is a monster! Otherwise, how can she be so abnormal?”

Song Ran was hit with such a strong blow. When meeting with such a talented person, even the most prideful of people couldn’t stay arrogant.

The dean suddenly came back to his sense and didn’t care about anything as he leaped over to the plant. But when he reached the Silver Leaf flower pot, he halted his steps and meticulously carried it carefully. He then raised his head and laughed heartily. “Hahaha! My Silver Leaf has unexpectedly revived!”

He had never been this happy before. It was as though his son had been resurrected.

“Oh Silver Leaf, my precious, please don’t ever leave me again.” The dean’s hands were shivering with excitement. His speech had even become incoherent for a time. [Miki: Lord of The Ring? Anyone else have the same thought? :P]

He then seemed to think about something and turned his head toward Mu Ru Yue and said, “Little girl, I don’t know how to thank you for this. Silver Leaf is my life. If it wasn’t for you, I would have lost my life. Tell me what it is you want me to help you with.”

Glimmers flicked in Mu Ru Yue’s eyes as she replied, “Didn’t you want to discuss with me about the Alchemy Book? I only have one request that the Alchemy Book will be my possession from now on. The Central Region Academy can’t take it away from me.”

Even though Yan Jin was powerful, he still couldn’t match up with such a high powered being in the Central Region Academy. If the Central Region Academy was persistent in wanting to take the Alchemy Book, it would be a death match.

The dean was stunned before he yelled in fury, “The Central Region Academy wants to take your Alchemy Book?! Which bastard wants to do that? Who is it? Once you tell me, this dean will eliminate him!”

Mu Ru Yue rolled her eyes at him and asked, “Isn’t… that person you?”

“Me?” The dean’s anger gradually calmed down. He pointed to his nose and asked curiously, “I want to take your Alchemy Book? When did I want to do that?”

Mu Ru Yue was startled after hearing his words before she asked, “Why did you seek me out for today then?”

“Oh, it is like this.” The dean chuckled. “I just wanted to see the talent that was chosen by Alchemy Book. It seems that its choice was great. Moreover, the ancestor masters at the back mountain wants to see the owner of the Alchemy Book as well. When do you have the time to go with me and meet them?”

Mu Ru Yue’s expression darkened instantly.

‘This old man just wanted to see me just to know who the Alchemy Book chose? Why did I flatter him so much and treat his Silver Leaf then?

‘Furthermore, to make him owe me a favour, I had exposed my ability before this old man.’

Suddenly, Mu Ru Yue smiled and said with gritted teeth, “Meet the ancestor masters? My apologies but I don’t have time for that! Since you have already seen me, I will bid my farewell!”

The dean was stunned as he looked at Mu Ru Yue’s leaving figure. He scratched his head and commented, puzzled, “What is wrong with that little girl? She was fine before and now she looked as though she had eaten the wrong medicine.”

‘Didn’t she say she had revered me for such a long time? Why did she suddenly turn her face?’

The dean felt wronged. ‘I didn’t do anything, right? There isn’t anyone else in the world more innocent than me…’