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Chapter 293 –The Xiao Family’s Crisis Part 3

Chapter 293 –The Xiao Family’s Crisis Part 3


Elder Xiao snorted coldly. The pressure he sent outstruck mercilessly at Nangong Zi Feng.


The two auras collided in midair. A shockwave rippled outward, instantly causing soil and dirt to fill the air. Traces of aura surged between the two of them.

Without the pressure of a Xiantian expert, Xiao Tian Yu and Madam Sheng Yue’s complexion gradually recovered…

“I don’t care who you are. Since you dare to try to annihilate my Xiao family, you are signing your own death sentence!” Elder Xiao’s gaze was sharp. His cold eyes swept across the crowd and stopped on Nangong Zi Feng’s body. “This old man is reaching his end, but even if I die I won’t let you lay a hand on any member of my Xiao family! If you want to kill any of them, then you must walk over my dead body. And even in death this old man will drag you to the underworld with him!”

With his grey robe fluttering gently, Elder Xiao stood before the crowd with his calm and collected elderly face raised. Resolution was apparent on his features.

At this moment, he stood with his back straight. That elderly back looked powerful. It was like a bamboo resisting the violent gale, staying upright no matter what happened…

“Elder Xiao!”

Old Man Xiao’s heart trembled as he understood that for this battle, Elder Xiao had death on his mind…

“Head of the family, I, Elder Xiao, have already lived for such a long time. I was also able to wait for a person with 100% of the Xiao family’s bloodline. I’ve already prepared the inheritance left by the ancestor. She will be able to accept the inheritance once she breaks through to the Xiantian realm. I’m already satisfied with my life. Ancestor has waited for me in the underworld for way too long already. It is time for me to accompany that old man. I hope you will be able to make the Xiao family prosper when I’m gone. But, I perhaps won’t be able to see that day come…”

Elder Xiao smiled faintly. He no longer had any regrets left in his life and had persisted this long just to personally see Mu Ru Yue accept the inheritance.

But now, it seemed he wouldn’t be able to wait for that day…

“Elder Xiao!” Old Man Xiao shuddered as he looked at the old man who had his mind set on dying. A flow of warm tears fell from his eyes. “You will definitely be able to see the prosperous Xiao family. The ancestor will definitely wish for you to stay and help my Xiao family, that’s why no matter how strong our foes are, we will definitely pull through.”

Elder Xiao shook his head, smiling as he looked toward Nangong Zi Feng.

If he were younger by a couple decades, perhaps he would be able to fight this woman to a tie, but with his weakening powers, even if his heart wanted to defeat her his body wouldn’t be able to hold up…

“How can an old man, who’s reaching his end be my match?” Nangong Zi Feng raised her lower jaw arrogantly. With her voice as cold as snow, she continued, “I’m not interested in watching your deep familial bonding drama. Since you all want to die so badly, I will send each and every one of you to the underworld. None will be spared!”

Intense killing intent filled the air. Nangong Zi Feng flashed toward Elder Xiao, with a glimmering cold sword in her hand that appeared from nowhere.

Elder Xiao’s gaze became serious.


With a gentle wave of his hand, a red tempest like a flaming dragon struck violently at Nangong Zi Feng.

Nangong Zi Feng chuckled coldly. With an icy light from her cold sword, an ice tempest appeared as she brandished her sword, heading violently toward the flame tempest cast by Elder Xiao.

‘Was this the so-called ice and fire covers the heavens?’

At this moment, this thought flashed through the minds of the Xiao family crowd…

The flames and ice collided in midair, creating an explosion which produced a powerful shockwave. The land was instantly coated with ice and fire, and even the air froze in its aftermath.