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Chapter 261 – Crisis Arise Part 1

Chapter 261 – Crisis Arise Part 1

She had information she could use against that woman. If she were to use it, even if that woman had no memory of her past life right now, she would still be able to coerce her.

Feng Jing Tian looked gloomily at her. “I don’t have any intention of cooperating with someone like you.”

“Why?” asked Nangong Zi Feng with a drastic change in her expression.

‘Why is he unwilling to cooperate with me?’

“I don’t feel safe working with you. Moreover, I don’t know when you will stab me in the back.”

Feng Jing Tian had been apprehensive ever since he first glanced at this woman. That’s why, he would never work with her, and even felt disdain for the idea.

Finished answering, he didn’t bother to even look again at Nangong Zi Feng, who had a frosty expression, and just disappeared from the summit of the mountain in a flash.

Nangong Zi Feng clenched her fists tightly. Her face turned increasingly colder. Even after a while, she still remained silent as she gazed coldly in the direction Feng Jing Tian had vanished from…

Mu Ru Yue and Ye Wu Chen caused an uproar. They became known as the divine couple. In comparison with the bustling Xiao family, the Wu family of South Island was obviously much gloomier.

Perhaps due to the strength of the Xiao family’s influence and Wu Qing Xue being the benefactor of Xiao Feng, the Xiao family didn’t attack the Wu family, but Lin Yue, who had nearly killed Xiao Feng, was dealt with.

However, what happened at the wedding event spread throughout the entire South Island, so they all knew about the foolish things the Wu family did. Thus, they ridiculed the Wu family, with some families even harassing them in order to curry favour with the Xiao family.

The Xiao family didn’t do anything, but the Wu family was ruined nonetheless. There wouldn’t be a chance for them to ascend in the future, making the father and daughter pair feel extremely remorseful.

If she hadn’t forsaken Xiao Feng , then by now, Wu Qing Xue would have been the young mistress of the Xiao family, and the Wu family’s status would have risen alongside hers. It was a pity that all their regret was useless…

Some of their current condition had already reached the Xiao family. They didn’t need to be clearly told to know that those families were intentionally trying to curry favour with them. Madam Sheng Yue just chuckled after hearing the report. She didn’t want to move against the Wu family due to her gratitude for them saving Xiao Feng’s life. But as to what would happen to the Wu family later, she wouldn’t be like a goddess that would meddle in such matters.

Even though the Wu family did save Xiao Feng, in the end, they also allowed someone threaten her son’s life.

“Yue Er, it has been some time since you and Wu Chen have married. Is there any news…” Madam Sheng Yue’s gaze swept toward Mu Ru Yue’s middle, an ambiguous smile on her face.

She had stopped Qing Qing from disturbing them in their bridal room as she wanted to carry her grandchild as soon as possible. She hoped her daughter and son-in-law would step up their game, since it had already been such a long time since she felt the tender and soft feel of a baby.

Awkwardness showed on Mu Ru Yue’s face. “Mother, how can it be that quick? It hadn’t even been half a month since we wedded. By the way, we may leave for a period of time.”

Madam Sheng Yue’s smile dimmed a little, a trace of reluctance appeared in her eyes as she inquired, “Where are you heading to?”

“The Central Region.”

That place was somewhere she should head to.

Mu Ru Yue chuckled lightly. “Don’t worry. I will be back real soon. I need to solve some mysteries there and afterwards, I will come back home.”

Bai Ze’s sorrowful eyes appeared in her mind at that moment. She kept feeling like she knew the man for some reason…

“Yue Er, you must stay safe while you are outside no matter what. You know your family will be waiting for you in the Xiao family of Sheng Domain. This place will forever be your home and will always be your support.”

Madam Sheng Yue’s words warmed Mu Ru Yue’s heart. She nodded with a smile. “I know that. Mother, I also plan to bring the Massacre The Heavens Sect to Sheng Domain in order to let them train in the sacred spirit spring after I depart.”


She had information that could be used against that woman. If she were to take it out, then that woman would still feel threatened by her, even if she currently had no memory of her past life.

Feng Jing Tian looked gloomily at her. “I don’t have any intention of cooperating with someone like you.”

“Why?” asked Nangong Zi Feng with a drastic change in her expression.

Miki helped Feng Jing Tian reply in his voice, hiding behind his back, “Do you even need to ask that? It is because you reek of being a bitch, even if I don’t know you well.”

When Feng Jing Tian heard his voice behind him, he turned around but saw nothing.

Miki, who was hiding in her special dimension space, giggled at his confused appearance.

Nangong Zi Feng, who thought that Feng Jing Tian had insulted her, had her eyes frosted over. If looks could kill, Feng Jing Tian would have been six feet underground.