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Chapter 151 – Adoring The Ghost King’s Woman Part 5

Chapter 151- Adoring The Ghost King’s Woman Part 5

The Xiao family was the top family in the Sheng domain. Runner up to them would be the Lan family who disliked keeping a high profile. There was only a young master in the Lan family that was at the suitable age for marriage with Xiao Min. Even though that young master didn’t have a main wife, he already had many concubines

How could Xiao Min be willing to share her husband with others?

Her husband must only have her, so she thought of testing her luck in the outside world. Who knew that once she left Sheng Domain, she would hear about such a perfect man?

Even though that man already had a fiancee, Xiao Min was confident in her own beauty and talent. She was also from the Xiao family and didn’t believe that she’d lose to an ordinary girl, a girl without a strong background.

Any man with good sight wouldn’t give up a woman like her and instead choose a girl that was so ordinary.

Moreover, Xiao Min held the greatest confidence in herself….

“Let’s head in.” Xiao Min looked at her maid, Yin Huan, before hastily walking up to the Mu residence.

Once she stepped into the Mu residence, a couple of people leaped down from the wall, surrounding the two trespassers between them.


The person that spoke was a middle aged man with an intense look. He stared coldly at the exceptionally good looking beauties before lowering his voice intentionally to speak.

Mistress and the Ghost King had passed down an order to inhibit anyone from disturbing them today.

“You have much nerve!” Yin Huan’s delicate face changed as she said angrily, “Do you know who we are? We are from the Xiao family of Sheng Domain. Who gave you permission to talk to us in such a manner?”

The middle-aged man glanced at them, but his aura didn’t diminish. “I don’t care who you are. The mistress and His Highness gave instructions that they won’t see anybody. You’re to immediately leave this place!”

“You…” Yin Huan’s delicate face turned completely red. She bit her lip before saying fiercely, “My young mistress fancied the Ghost King and came specifically to meet him. You block us from entering?! Which prince wouldn’t come to greet us? It must be that the girl seized the Ghost King, preventing him from coming out.”

In Yin Huan’s point of view, not only was her young mistress pretty, her status and position was much greater than that girl’s. If the Ghost King were to meet the young mistress, he would definitely fall for her. Thus, that girl must have known about their coming by some means and didn’t allow the Ghost King to come to meet with the young mistress.

“Fancying the Ghost King?”

A voice was heard behind them at this instant.

“I wonder who is fancying my fiance?”

At this moment, the crowd parted…

Xiao Min and Yin Huan raised their head to look at the two incoming people, their appearances exceptional…

One was a white clothed young girl with a faint smile on her exquisite face. Her eyes, however, were abnormally ice-cold. In addition to her hair that fluttered in the wind, she looked devastatingly beautiful; a peerless appearance.

The other was a divinely handsome man who stood at her side. He had a gentle appearance but also the masculinity that a man should possess. The elegant curve of his lips curled up into a charming smile. His purple clothing intensified that charming appearance. Moreover, when he looked at the young girl beside him, the warmth in his eyes gradually deepened. That gentleness seemed able to captivate people, making it impossible for anyone to turn their sight away from him.

No matter what, the two looked like a perfect couple just from their highly compatible appearance.

Xiao Min tightly clenched her fist in jealousy, so much so that her nails pierced into her flesh. She took in a deep breath as she glared fixedly at Mu Ru Yue.