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Chapter 130 – My Entire Life Would Solely Be Yours

Chapter 130- My Entire Life Would Solely Be Yours

“Mu Er.” Ye Wu Chen slowly walked before Mu Ru Yue and extended his arm to pull her into his embrace. His slender fingers brushed gently against the young girl’s long hair as he looked tenderly at the beauty in his embrace. “I had wanted to tell this to you, but I know that with your personality, you definitely won’t sit still about it. I didn’t want to endanger you.”

Mu Ru Yue’s body shuddered slightly, but she didn’t push him away and allowed him to embrace her.

She wasn’t an illogical person. Even though this man deceived her, he had his reasons. If she were in his shoes, she would have made the same decision.

But he still lied to her after all, so some punishments should be given….

“Mu Er.”

Ye Wu Chen lowered his gaze to look at the young girl in his embrace. His slender fingers gently lifted her jaw. An icy finger tip gently caressed her lips as his own curled up into an increasingly charming smile.

Seeing the man’s face enlarging in her eyes, Mu Ru Yue suddenly reacted and abruptly pushed Ye Wu Chen away. She glared viciously at him. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“My wife, it isn’t like we hadn’t kissed before?” Ye Wu Chen expressed grief as his wife became more distant as expected, hurting his heart greatly.

“I only treated you as a kid at that time.”

Mu Ru Yue gritted her teeth in hatred as she thought about how this man made use of his innocent appearance to deceive her.

“If my wife likes it, how about your husband continues being a fool?” Ye Wu Chen smiled. In comparison to his previously innocent smile, the current him carried both a charming and lazy aura as well. It was bewitching.

Mu Ru Yue glanced at him. “How are you still a fool?”

“I am willing to be a fool that you can order around at your side for my entire life.” With Ye Wu Chen’s charming smile, his handsome appearance became very moving. It was so perfect that no one would be able to ignore him. “As long as it is yours, my wife’s order, I, as your husband, definitely won’t reject it so casually. What do you say, my wife?”

Mu Ru Yue didn’t answer him. A smile was instead raised on her impeccable, small face. “Ye Wu Chen, it is still a fact that you deceived me. Even though I won’t be overly strict with you about this, some small punishments must still be carried out.”

“Hmm?” Ye Wu Chen caressed his jaw. With a charming and crafty smile in his eyes, he used an intimate voice to say, “How about punishing your husband by letting him warm your bed for life?”

“Ye Wu Chen!” Mu Ru Yue gritted her teeth. She glared viciously at the charming, smiling man.

Ye Wu Chen blinked twice and his smile became increasingly bewitching. “Then how about punishing your husband by warming only your bed for life?”

Warming only your bed for life…..

Mu Ru Yue’s heart trembled slightly and even rippled softly. Taking advantage of this moment, Ye Wu Chen extended his arm to pull her into his embrace. He tightly hugged the young girl’s waist before lowering his head to domineeringly kiss those lips that he’d desired for such a long time.

“Ye Wu Chen, you…”

Following that, all of her words were trapped in her throat. Mu Ru Yue wanted to lift her leg to kick the man away, but who knew that Ye Wu Chen was already prepared for it as his legs were securely wrapped around her own, immobilizing her?

After a long period of time, Ye Wu Chen released the young girl in his embrace as his slender finger gently caressed her lips. His mouth curled into a charming smile. “My wife, you had already seen me completely naked before. In this life, you can’t not be responsible to your husband. Let’s quickly get married, alright?”