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Chapter 129 – I Will Wait For Your Explanation

Chapter 129-I Will Wait For Your Explanation

“Elder Zhao, I will leave the aftermath matters to you.” Mu Ru Yue yawned. She had just rushed back from a month’s journey, only to be summoned into the palace. As such, she didn’t have the chance to rest up properly. Since this matter was settled, she should return to the Mu residence.

Suddenly, she lifted her head to look calmly at the man with that divine appearance, but didn’t say anything. When Ye Wu Chen received the gaze she shot over, his heart tightened. A trace of panic flashed past his handsome face.

He was truly scared, scared that she would distance herself from him from now on and ignore him her entire life.

His fear escalated in his heart, so much so that he couldn’t bear to walk before Mu Ru Yue. Instead, he lifted his hand to hold that young girl’s shoulder. When his fingers were about to touch her, he placed his hand down. His eyes were filled with confusion and panic. He seemed to be at a loss on how to begin explaining everything to her.

Tell her that it wasn’t by choice?

But a deceit was a deceit. No matter how many excuses he came up with, he couldn’t change that fact.

Silence played between those two. After a while, the young girl’s calm voice was heard by him, “I will wait for you to come and explain.”

Upon saying that, Mu Ru Yue turned around and walked out of the palace.

When her white clothing disappeared from his sight, Ye Wu Chen’s wound up heart gradually relaxed. A charming smile was displayed on his handsome face. It was great that she didn’t ignore him and gave him an opportunity to explain….

This night was like water as the evening wind blew.

Mu Ru Yue stood before the window. The night wind brushed past her hair, gently streaming against her face. She lifted her head to look at the night sky outside her window, a complex ray of light in her eyes.

Ye Wu Chen walked up behind her and stared at the young girl before the window. His appearance was so perfect that it might even enrage the human gods. His charming eyes were completely filled with emotions as though he could only accept one person in his gaze.

“Around a decade ago, my parents were murdered by the Saintess Sect one night. 300 people of the King Nan An Manor died, leaving me as the sole survivor. My father told me before he died that if I wanted to live on, I must disguise myself so that everyone wouldn’t pay attention to me. From then on, I played the role of a fool. Everyone agreed and said that my mentality stagnated since that night….”

That night had been a nightmare in his life. The initially blissful family turned to dust in an instant. He had been personally hidden by his father at that time, resulting in his lucky escape from that calamity.

Following that, due to him becoming a fool the Saintess Sect didn’t want to do too many bad deeds. As such, they didn’t cut the grass by its roots. Yet, how could the misdeeds done by the Saintess Sect be small? How many innocent people have died under the Saintess Sect?

“How did the Ghost King’s title come about? I have been really curious. Your scars really do look sinister, but it still wasn’t to the extent of being ghost-like?” Mu Ru Yue slowly turned around and raised her gaze to look at the handsome man before her as she asked.

The man smiled. His smile was so charming that it was similar to how a Devil’s Snare bewitches people’s heart.

“It was due to a maid that accidentally found out my secret. Because of that, I made her insane. Moreover, to make it so that there wouldn’t be any extra people in the King Manor, I purposefully made my subordinates release rumours that I had a ghost-like appearance. In addition to the crazed maid, no one was willing to enter Ghost King Manor from then on. It made it easier to carry out my moves.”

Mu Ru Yue raised her brows as she stated, “You have been pretending to be a fool for so many years due to the Saintess Sect? It’s laughable that I was actually kept in the dark for such a long time.”