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Chapter 98 – Finale Of The Competition Part 4

Chapter 98- Finale Of The Competition Part 4

Elder He smiled faintly as he first examined Ling Ye’s refined pill. As his eyes slightly narrowed, he announced unemotionally, “Earth Stage Mid Rank Pill. Fusion rate at 90% and effect power of the pill is 85%.”


The crowd instantly became violently disruptive.

Not only did he refine an Earth Stage Pill, but the effect power had reached 85%? The fusion rate was even at 90%. Even Mister Qing Yu shouldn’t have reached such a standard yet.

“Little Ru Yue, bring your pill over.”

Elder He didn’t look at the crowd’s expression as he smilingly spoke.

He still wanted to look at the pill that the young girl refined? Was this even necessary? Ling Ye was just that powerful. Even if that young girl hid her powers, she definitely shouldn’t be his opponent.

Age was a major hurdle.

That girl seemed to be only 15. How much could she achieve at her current age? She definitely couldn’t be more talented than Mister Qing Yu, right?

Mu Ru Yue didn’t seem to hear the discussions as she slowly walked toward Elder He and placed her pill before him. She then took a few steps back after that.

Elder He suppressed his nervousness as he gently picked up the pill. Instantly, his expression changed slightly as he looked with shock at Mu Ru Yue.

“Elder He, what’s wrong?” Elder Flame frowned as he looked puzzledly at this old fellow.

“Earth Stage Mid Rank Pill. Fusion rate at 95% and the effect power is… 100%.”


Once Elder He’s words landed, the entire venue became silent.

What did the effect power of the pill represent? It represented the time span for the medicinal powers to be converted into energy for the body once consumed. A 100% effect power recovery pill would mean that once one consumed it, the power within the body would recover to its peak state in an instant. It would be in an instant!

“Elder He, could… could there be a mistake somewhere?” Qin Fei Fei bit her lips as she asked this with a slight change in her expression.

Wasn’t she just a Human Stage Mid Rank alchemist? How could she be this powerful?

Elder He didn’t say anything and just tossed the pill toward Elder Qin.

Elder Qin caught the pill and nodded towards Qin Fei Fei. “Elder He’s judgement isn’t wrong. This is indeed an Earth Stage Mid Rank pill with 100% effect power.”

Qin Fei Fei’s complexion momentarily paled. She staggered a little but didn’t collapse.

She had lost. Not only did Ling Ye lost, but she also did. Moreover, she lost disgracefully. Suddenly, Qin Fei Fei thought back on her previous words. It now felt as though she’d viciously slapped herself twice.

She had lost an immense amount of her face today.

Ling Ye raised his head to glance at Mu Ru Yue before directly walking out from the venue. Yet, when he walked past her side, his steps paused slightly as he tossed out a statement, “We’ll meet again sooner or later. We’ll compete once more then. However, I, Ling Ye, have lost in complete satisfaction this time.”

After saying that, he didn’t speak any further and just left the arena without a care1.

His exit didn’t attract much attention as the crowd had been completely mindblown from what Elder He and Elder Qin had just said. They hadn’t snapped back to reality yet.

A 15-year-old Earth Stage Mid Rank alchemist? 100% effect power? In possession of knowledge on pill refining that could impress Elder Flame and Elder He? What was even more shocking was that she could also shatter an entire Steel Essense stone with her pure mental strength.

Was this girl really human? Even guys weren’t able to become as powerful as she was now….

She was destined to be the main protagonist for this Pill Assembly and attract many people’s attention, her radiance shooting in all directions. Everyone would still mention this Pill Assembly with excitement many years after…

1. Miki: or like a boss.