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Chapter 68 – Imperial Ya’s Bitter Fated Relationship Part 1

Chapter 68-Imperial Ya’s Bitter Fated Relationship Part 1

Ye Tian Feng rose from the bed. He extended his hand towards the pale faced Mu Ting Er and grabbed onto her arm, then coldly laughed, “But since you really want to service me that much, how about I grant you your wish? I’m in an exceptional mood today, so let’s have you and Mei Er service me together.”

With widened, beautiful eyes, Mu Ting Er was stunned as she stared at the familiar face before her.

This was the man she had loved for so many years? He actually wanted to make her service him with another girl? ‘No, I don’t want to!’

“Your Highness, I plead for you to let me go. I’m begging you.” Mu Ting Er teared up, but no matter how much she pleaded, it was already too late to make this man’s heart feel pity.

Mu Ting Er shut her eyes in despair as her clothing was torn apart, piece by piece….

That glance from before had made her heart-wrench. How could she endure if she were to see the entire process? The only thing she could do was shut her eyes and try her best to not witness this brutal sight.

“Mistress, Imperial Consort Ya has arrived.”

In the Mu residence, Mu Ru Yue was snacking on grapes Ye Wu Chen had peeled for her. After hearing Li Lu’s words, she couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows before asking, “Why has Imperial Consort Ya come looking for me?”

It was no longer a secret to the people of Phoenix City that she stayed here.

Li Lu scratched the back of his head and chuckled. “I’m also not certain of the reason. Mistress should know after meeting her.”

“Alright.” Mu Ru Yue got up from the Imperial Consort’s seat before stretching her body. “I’ll head out to meet with Imperial Consort Ji Ru Ya and find out the reason why she is seeking me out.”

As she spoke, she had already walked out of the door.

In the lounge.

Imperial Consort Ya was sitting on a sandalwood chair. By her side, there was a servant girl pour her some tea. She took a light sip, tasting the savory tea before complimenting, “This tea is good.”

When Mu Ru Yue walked out from the door and heard Imperial Consort Ya’s words, she couldn’t help but smile. “If Imperial Consort Ya likes it, how about taking a few pounds of it back to the palace?”

This tea was taken from that old man anyway.

“I won’t stand on ceremony with Lady Mu then.” Imperial Consort of a lovely smile,which accentuated her liveliness. “Lady Mu, I haven’t come here with the status of an Imperial Consort, so I’m currently just Ji Ru Ya. Lady Mu should stop calling by my title.”

Mu Ru Yue sat down with a smile and sipped some tea before replying leisurely, “In this case, why has Lady Ya come to look for me?”

She doubted Ji Ru Ya would come see her if she didn’t have an ulterior motive. However, she had a good impression of this woman so she didn’t reject her.

Ji Ru Ya shifted her gaze to the servant girl. “Fei Cui, stand guard outside and prevent anyone from entering this place.”

“Understood, Niang Niang1.”

Fei Cui turned and headed for the door to guard the room while Ji Ru Ya looked at Mu Ru Yue. Her gorgeous and outstanding face expressed sadness.

“Is Lady Mu interested in hearing my story?”

Everyone knew that the Emperor of Zi Yue had doted on Imperial Consort Ya to her very bones and sent all sorts of treasures to the Ya Pavilion. He would do whatever Imperial Consort Ya wanted in order to make her happy, to the point that people gossiped Imperial Consort Ya would lead to the downfall of the kingdom due to her appearance.

But who knew whether this devastatingly beautiful girl had been willing to marry an old man elderly enough to be her grandfather or not? He wouldn’t be able to give her the most perfect life, no matter how privileged that old man was.

1. Niang Niang (娘娘)It was how servant girls had to refer to their Imperial Consort and high ranked concubines of the Emperor.