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Chapter 63 – Tian Yuan’s Arrival

Chapter 63- Tian Yuan’s Arrival

In the Mu family lounge, Tian Yuan could hear crisp clanging sounds coming from afar and subconsciously frowned, before saying sarcastically, “Your daughter is quite amazing to be able to make the sound of destroyed ceramic tea sets travel so far.”

Mu Qing’s face reddened, but he didn’t know how to respond to that comment. He just apologetically smiled and asked, “Grandmaster Tian Yuan, what brings you here today?”

Placing his teacup down, Tian Yuan calmly looked at him. “I’ve come to look for Mu Ru Yue. Didn’t you go to invite her back?”

“About this…” Mu Qing wiped away his cold sweat before replying respectfully, “I’ve located her, but she wasn’t willing to return and seemed to be under a master that was sloven in both dressing and manner. It was that old man who forbid her from interacting with my Mu family. Moreover, he didn’t place any importance to the Qing Yun Sect as he said that if the Qing Yun Sect came knocking, he will make them cry out and beg for his mercy to go home.”

Tian Yuan smiled coldly. He didn’t know how credible Mu Qing’s words were, but that girl must be under his Qing Yun Sect. Nobody could be allowed to steal her from the sect.

“Tell me her location.”

Mu Qing could see that Tian Yuan didn’t completely believe his words, but he still planned to personally head forward! It seemed that old man was in for a treat.

Thinking about that, Mu Qing hastily told the address to Tian Yuan. Since Tian Yuan didn’t know Wu Yu had living quarters in Phoenix City, he didn’t think at all that the old man, slovenly in both dress and manner, was actually Grandmaster Wu Yu.

How high was Grandmaster Wu Yu’s sight? Even though Mu Ru Yue’s talent wasn’t bad, it should still be sky high difficult for her to enter that old man’s eyes.

Currently, at the Mu residence, Mu Ru Yue had just gotten up and had to welcome an uninvited guest.

Perhaps it was due to Ye Tian Feng and Mu Ting Er’s relationship that she didn’t have good feelings towards Tian Yuan. Since she didn’t know why he had come, she hastily spiritually summoned for Yan Jin.

Shortly after, a black shadow rapidly lunged into Mu Ru Yue’s embrace. Yan Jin looked grievingly at Mu Ru Yue as she had dumped him at the Mu family for so long, only summoning him now.

“Mu family girl, I plan to recruit you as my disciple. What do you think?” Tian Yuan didn’t even looked at the small black beast in her embrace, only raising his gaze to look at the young girl before him.

Looking at his arrogant appearance, it seemed that to him, being his disciple was a glorious matter.

“My apologies, but I already have a master.” Mu Ru Yue smiled before chuckling coldly. “That being so, I cannot recognize you as my master.”

Tian Yuan frowned before relaxing his brows as he said, “That can be easily solved. All I need to do is give him a bottle of Earth Stage Low Rank pills to buy you as my disciple. How’s that?” 1

Alchemists were graded into Human, Earth, Mundane, Heaven, and Divine Stage. It was impossible to reach the Divine Stage and one could count with a single hand those that have reached the Heaven Stage. Mundane Stage pills were already extremely precious. Earth Stage was like a priceless treasure to ordinary people, so Tian Yuan was extremely confident in his pills.

“Are Earth Stage Low Rank pills really that amazing?” Mu Ru Yue smiled at Tian Yuan. She could manufacture a couple dozen of those grade of pills in one session of pill making.

“Earth Grade medicine is definitely amazing. Not only can it heal injuries, it can recover the energy of practitioners and even allow a breakthrough in martial stages. Where is your master’s current location? Let’s go and find him now.”

Mu Ru Yue shook her head as she found it too hilarious. Just as she wanted to reply to him, an elderly voice was heard from the front of Mu Ru Yue’s house. “Who’s looking for me? And for what purpose?”

1. Miki: Miki object! How could you talk about buying her in front of her? You bastard!