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Chapter 59 – Mu Yi Xue Gets Beaten

Chapter 59- Mu Yi Xue Gets Beaten

“Are you certain I’m a beggar?” Wu Yu asked again, pointing at his nose.

He had just made his furnace explode accidently, which left him in a sorry state. It was the first time in his life he was called a beggar.

Was there a beggar as handsome, elegant, and dashing as him?

“Not only are you a beggar, you’re also an idiot.” Mu Yi Xue disdainfully sneered. In her life, what she loathed the most were those dirty beggars.

Those kind of people were just dirt to the world. They shouldn’t have the right to continue living in this world.

Mu Qing frowned as he shifted his gaze towards Wu Yu. Even though the old man looked tattered, he felt that the old man wasn’t simple for some unknown reason.

He shouldn’t lightly offend the person before him unless he knew about his abilities. This was because some strong experts on this continent loved to pretend to be beggars.

“This elder, my daughter isn’t sensible, so I wish that elder will look at her young age and forgive her actions.”

Normally, experts wouldn’t bother being calculative towards the weak, especially if it were a 13-year-old young girl. But Wu Yu was an odd ball. He didn’t care if the person was strong or weak. Bullying his disciple was not a good thing.

“What have you come here for?” Wu Yu looked at them as though they were wolves. He didn’t forget that the Mu family were shameless to a whole new level. What if his precious disciple was being bullied by them?

“This elder.” Li Lu glanced at the silent Mu Qing before walking to Wu Yu’s side. He lifted his chin, saying, “Previously, the Mu family Head wanted to force Mistress to return to the Mu family, but Mistress didn’t agree. If elder didn’t come in time, that Mu family Head would have used force.”

Mu Qing’s actions were clearly seen by him, so he didn’t forget to report it at this time.

“Oh?” Wu Yu raised his eyebrows. It seemed that he’d underestimated the shamelessness of the Mu family. Little Yue girl had been expelled by him and now that person wanted to catch her and take her back with him. Was there still such a shameless person like him in this world?

“So what? Father kindly invited her back. Not only did she not feel gratitude, she also spoke such conceited nonsense.” Mu Yi Xue had been pampered since young, so she naturally treated Wu Yu as an ordinary beggar. She also didn’t understand why her father was being so polite to a beggar, degrading their status.


Wu Yu’s expression sank as he slapped 1 Mu Yi Xue’s face, instantly creating a five fingered, distinct red imprint on her face. Before she could react, Pang! Her body soared through the air with a kick.

“Xue Er!” Mu Qing turned pale with fear and cried out anxiously.

Mu Yi Xue landed heavily on the ground, tears instantly flowing due to the pain. Pampered throughout her childhood, when could she have been beaten in such a fashion? Furthermore, it was a beggar that beat her.

“You beat me? You, a stinky beggar, actually dared to beat me? I’ll tell my daddy to kill you!” Mu Yi Xue’s hair was loose as she stood. Her gaze was filled with vengeful rays of light, and the pain from her entire body made her tears flow uncontrollably. It made her charming appearance seem sinister.

“Xue Er!” Mu Qing yelled out. He looked at Wu Yu with a dark expression as he said, “Elder, no matter how terrible my young girl is, she shouldn’t be disciplined by an outsider. Moreover, don’t you feel you’re going overboard in bullying a young girl as an elder?”

“Haha!” Wu Yu laughed loudly. With his white hair flowing in the wind, he shifted his gaze to Mu Qing. “Overboard? Who is more overboard if compared to a bastard like you that abandons his biological daughter? If I want to beat somebody, I will do just that. Who dares disagree with me? I will hit without hesitation, even if it is you.”

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