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Chapter 143: When being forceful does not work

Chapter 143: When being forceful does not work

The way he lied sounded very nice. He had thought that once Chen Ning heard that his highness would come to see her, she would definitely be filled with joy and get in the sedan chair without any hesitation.

Who would have thought that Chen Ning would give a cold chuckle and speak with a flat face, “He might want to see me, but this princess does not want to see him. What is there to see anyway? Go back and tell his highness that this princess is living here very well and doesn’t want to leave.”

After she finished speaking, she flicked her sleeve and turned back to go to the wooden hut.

Xiao Ru made a face at Housekeeper Xu and then followed behind Chen Ning.

Housekeeper Xu fell into daze as he was completely stunned.

Chen Ning was very firm on not changing residences at all.

But the eldest princess was about to arrive soon and had wanted to see her. They couldn’t let the eldest princess see that the dignified King Ding Yuan princess was living in this kind of broken wooden hut, right?

If this was spread to the people of the capital, his highness’ face would be completely gone.

If it was spread to the emperor’s ears, perhaps even his highness would suffer quite a bit if he incured the emperor’s wrath.

Housekeeper Xu couldn’t help secretly complaining about his highness, giving this clearly difficult task to him.

If he couldn’t accomplish this, his highness would not let him off!

When he thought of his highness’ ruthless temper, he began to tremble.

No matter what, he had to get the princess out of this wooden hut before the eldest princess arrived!

Even if he had to force her, he was willing to take this risk.

Housekeeper Xu had made his decision and walked forward two steps. He stood in front of the wooden hut door and gave a gentle cough.

“Princess consort, this servant does not dare to go against his highness’ orders. So I’d like to ask the princess to please follow along and not make this hard for this servant.” He said in a voice with a threatening tone.

His subordinates knew what he meant and moved behind him. They were silently eyeing Chen Ning in the wooden hut in front of them.

“So, if this princess does not want to move, will Housekeeper Xu use force? Alright, those that have the courage, come forth and tie up this princess.” She raised her hand and stopped Xiao Ru from moving forward.

“Xiao Ru, stand at the side without moving. This princess wants to see which one of you dares to make a move against this princess!”

Her eyes turned cold as she stared at the subordinates standing outside the door.

None of the subordinates had the courage. The other side was a princess and even though she did not have his highness’ favour, she still had her status.

Housekeeper Xu saw that neither force or reasoning would work and Chen Ning would not move at all. He suddenly developed a large headache.

“Princess consort, please have mercy on this poor servant. If I don’t complete this matter, his highness will be enraged and will want this old servant’s life. Please give this servant a chance to live.”

Housekeeper Xu saw that being forceful was not working, so his knees bent down and he kneeled in front of Chen Ning.

His heart was filled with anger and rage. If it wasn’t for the fact that the eldest princess wanted to see her, he would not have kneeled down in front of this princess that was not favoured!

“Housekeeper Xu, explain it clearly for me. Why must I leave this wooden hut?”

Chen Ning sat down in the chair and did not move at all. A pair of clear autumn eyes stared at Housekeeper Xu’s face, seeing that Housekeeper Xu filling with guilt.

“This……This……” He stuttered out. Under Chen Ning’s deep gaze, he realized it was impossible for him to lie. He gritted his teeth and spoke the truth.

“It’s because Eldest Princess An Le had heard that the princess consort was sick and paid a special visit to this palace, so…….so……” His face turned red as he was too embarrassed to say the rest.