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Chapter 80: Her revenge

Chapter 80: Her revenge

Chen Ning was completely speechless.

She thought for a bit and said, “Alright, as long as you help me with something, I’ll draw one for you tonight.”

“As long as it’s young miss’ orders, this servant will do everything.” Xiao Ru happily clapped her hands.

“Come over.”

Chen Ning called Xiao Ru over and whispered a few sentences into her ear. Xiao Ru just nodded her head.

When it was time to eat dinner, Chen Ning raised her eyes and looked over at Chun Tao and Xia He.

“If there is something you want to say, then say it. There’s no point standing muttering.”

She could already see that the two maidservants expression were different compared to usual. There was a bit of excitement, nervousness, and a little schadenfreude.

“Yes, princess.”

The two maidservants already had a hard time keeping it in, so once they heard what Chen Ning said, they immediately spilled all the beans like a bamboo tube. They told the story by chirping in turns.

“When it was time for his highness to have his breakfast, he immediately went to the consort’s Intoxicated Flower Pavilion.”

“It’s said that his highness was also very angry, with his face all scrunched up together.”

“When his highness entered the Intoxicated Flower Pavilion, he released let out all his anger to the consort.”

“I heard that because his highness had a bad breakfast, when he was in the morning royal court session, something very ugly happened in the royal court.”

Chen Ning couldn’t help cutting in and asked, “Oh. what happened?”

She raised her brows and showed an interested expression.

The two maidservants covered their mouths and began to giggle. They pushed each other to say it because both of them were embarrassed.

“Reporting to the princess, this servant heard from his highness’ follower Xiao An Zi that when his highness left the palace, he began to……fart that smelled very strange. Xiao An Zi did not dare to say anything and beared with it for the entire trip. All the way until his highness came home he continued to…..release more farts.” Xia He looked very strange as she laughed.

“This servant has heard that the consort’s stomach continue to make noise all morning and her room smells terrible. His highness was taken aback when he walked in, even though Chen Bi Yun had used many perfumes, she could not cover up the smell. His highness angrily turned away and vowed to never have breakfast in the Intoxicated Flower Pavilion ever again.” Chun Tao giggled and added.

These two maidservants were originally people of the King Ding Yuan palace, but after getting to know Chen Ning, they were filled with admiration for her. At the same time, they didn’t feel like his highness Chu Shao Yang was not that great anymore.

The princess was such a great person, yet he was unable to see this. He was truly a person without eyes.

So, when they heard that something bad had happened to Chu Shao Yang and Chen Bi Yun, the two of them were filled with happiness as they watched them in schadenfreude.

Xiao Ru had a giant smile on her face as she kept asking the two of them for more details. When they came to a funny part, the three of them began laughing together.

Chen Ning did not hold back either, she just continued to smile at them.

She was in a very good mood and the meal she ate was also very delicious. She felt that Chun Tao and Xia He’s skills were not below the Tai He Floor’s kitchen staff.

“Young miss, even though you didn’t say so, this servant still knows that the bad things that happened to his highness and the second miss are all done by you, right?”

Xiao Ru had after all grown up with Chen Ning. She took the advantage of the moment Chen Ning was resting to ask the question that she couldn’t help asking.

Chen Ning did not hide it. She just giggled and nodded, “That’s right, it was done by me.”

After she finished speaking, she tapped Xiao Ru’s nose in praise. She smiled and said, “I wouldn’t have thought that you’ve improved quite a bit, you can even guess this now.”

Xiao Ru was embarrassed as she stuck out her tongue, “Young miss, don’t make fun of this servant. This servant has no way of guessing anything you plan on doing. This servant just saw you eat water chestnut cake and thought it was strange because this servant has been with you for over ten years and has never seen you eaten water chestnut cake before.”