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681 The Status of the Royal Family 3

Although the Tajik people were fond of the nation's new change, there were a few groups of people who were opposed to the change.
Such covert forces were hiding, but the former Islamic party members, which was now renamed as the Tajik Contingent of the Royal Bodyguards, which was operating in all parts of Tajikistan targeted them.
They turned into small-scale demonstrators and harassed such forces.
Holding pickets and handing out handouts, they accused people of corruption in detail in public.
Even after its renaming, people still called it the Islamic Party because it had a more friendly image, and it gained even more popularity for its activist work for the royal family.
It was the day when young members of the Islamic Party, who were in their 20s, officially joined the Kazakh Royal Bodyguards.
About 1,200 young party members, excluding those who had family affairs or did not want a soldier's path, gathered in a vacant lot outside Dushanbe, Tajik's capital.
The site was where a temporary training camp was built after being roughly cleaned with heavy equipment.
After a week of basic training there, they would go straight to the training center in the royal territory and undergo four months of intensive training.
When the training was over, they would return to Tajikistan and work there.
Because the young people gathered in the vacant lot were excited about their future rather than feeling mental burdens on training as they would receive high wages which were hard to imagine in Tajik economic standards.
"Everybody, stand in lines! Raise your hand if you don't speak Russian."
Russian was the official language of Tajikistan and if they could not speak it, it meant that they had never been schooled.
Although poor, Tajik people's enthusiasm for education was the highest in Central Asia, and they would never leave their children neglected.
When no one was raising a hand, the Royal Bodyguards' senior officer continued on speaking.
"We welcome your entry to the training camp of the Royal Bodyguards. As you all know, the Royal Bodyguards is a special unit that is loyal to the Queen and protects the Kazakh royal family. Your top priority will be the royal family apart from your nation and people. A week's education here is not much. After receiving only simple meal training and what to do in the royal territory, you will move there by train. It may be inconvenient because it is a temporary facility, but when you return from the training, there will be decent barracks waiting for you. And you will feel how proud you are of having been a member of the Royal Bodyguards even after you are discharged. So even if it is a bit tough, I hope you finish your training safely. From now on, go to the supply barrack on the left to receive military uniforms and supplies and enter each platoon's interior unit to change. And after changing clothes, have dinner at a set tent cafeteria and get back together here by seven. We will be watching a documentary film about the Royal Navy's activities in the Indian Ocean. That's all."

About 1,200 young people cheered at the end of the officer's explanation.
The attitude was different because they were not forced to join the Royal Bodyguards but volunteered. Their will to endure the hard training was visible in their eyes.
The Royal Bodyguards were already well-known in Central Asia, and it was popular for young people, regardless of nationality. Since not anyone could enlist, the young members of the former Islamic Party were excited.
"Wasn't it inconvenient to travel long distances? I should've gone to greet you at the airport, but I couldn't because of the eyes on me."
"It's an honor to meet you, Your Majesty. I'm Jekaterina Tatiana Georgievna from Tskhinvali."
Katya was floundering in front of Fatima.
Coming from an ordinary family in Volgograd, she had never met a person in such a high position. Although Rena was adored by the royal family, Katya had no relation to the royal family.
"I've heard a lot about Miss Katya through the Duke. I've wanted to meet you so much, and I'm quite excited to see you finally. There was a reason why Rena was so pretty. She looks exactly like you."
"Oh, that's a bit too much. Your Majesty, please forgive me for not visiting you after leaving Rena to you."
"You had a reason to do that, but I'm rather sorry. I should have invited you much earlier to the palace. I've been very lonely because I don't have many friends around, but I hope we can be friends while you're staying at the palace."
When Katya saw Fatima's gentle expression, her trembling heart calmed down a little.
Rena's biological mother, Katya, and her maternal grandmother came today to the royal Territory on a royal jet plane.
Only a handful of people knew of their visit to avoid the media's attention on Rena and Katya.
Although Rena was known as a foster daughter, rumors were circulating that she was the child of Youngho's out-of-wedlock. Thus, if her biological mother was known to be coming in and out of the royal palace, there would be more gossip about her. It would be best if she visited quietly.
"It must've been hard for you to trust us and send Rena here."
"No, Your Majesty. Thank you very much for taking care of her. I don't know how to repay your favor."
Katya was very hesitant to visit the royal territory this time.
She could not sleep well with the worry that she might cause any trouble or noise to the royal family and Rena. Of course, she knew well that the Queen had a kind heart, but she also knew that such strange rumors must be very upsetting to hear.
But the Queen welcomed her as if she did not care about such rumors.
"Don't say that. I know Miss Katya is a very strong person who has overcome difficult situations. I wonder if someone as weak as me would have endured them, and I should thank you for sending Rena to the palace. Rena needed a father and I needed a pretty daughter. Thank you so much for trusting us."
Tears welled up in Katya's eyes at Fatima's words.
It felt like all the hard work that she had been through had melted away. She was also worried about Rena all the time, but it seemed that she was in good hands.
Fatima patted Katya on the shoulder, handing her a handkerchief.
The two women's chatter began when their emotions were settled to some extent and the atmosphere was smoother.
"I heard Tskhinvali's hotel is in full swing, and also, you've completed the expansion work this time."
"His Highness almost forced me to add more facilities, so I overworked it. Your Majesty."
"It's run by Rena's mother, a princess of the Kingdom of Kazakhstan. Of course, the hotel can't look sloppy. If I had known, I would have expanded it further."
"I also did not want to shame the name of the Arirang Hotel, Your Majesty."
"The Duke told me all about it, and he said he'd leave the hotel in Tskhinvali for Rena."
"No, I'm grateful enough for what you've already done for me, so please take that back. I can't be that shameless."
The Arirang Hotel Tskhinvali had now become as popular as other luxury hotels.
With the premium of running directly by the Kazakh royal family, Russian wealthy people were flocking to the hotel.
"Now, Rena is the Princess of the Kingdom of Kazakhstan. Although she's not an heiress of the throne, the fact that she's a member of the royal family remains unchanged. For the sake of royal status, it should be reborn as a more elegant hotel. It's all for Rena, so don't feel pressured."
"I will follow your order."
Fatima, who was looking at Katya sitting quietly, asked carefully, "Ms. Katya. Don't get me wrong. You are still young and beautiful. Do you have any thoughts of remarrying?"
"Your Majesty, as the princess of the Kazakh royal family, Rena's biological mother, I never wish to make reckless decisions and make rumors, and I'm satisfied with one marriage. I'm happy being alone."
"Do you still like the Duke?"
"That's absurd. I have a grateful heart for helping my mother and daughter, and I have never dared to have such a thought."
"Hoho... It wouldn't upset me even if you liked him secretly. It's rather sad that the Duke looks so unattractive."
Katya had no choice but to give an honest answer.
"Your Majesty, I once secretly admired him for his great kindness, but I've long erased those trivial feelings. I can't dare look at him that way now that he is in such a high position. I'm just grateful that he volunteered to be Rena's father. I will never give you any further trouble."
"Didn't he give you a room much?"
"Yes, Your Majesty. He was like a stone."
"… I see."
Fatima's face was brightened to hear it.
The two women were talking about something that would embarrass Youngho if he heard it.
Although the beauty of Katya was outstanding when Youngho first met her, he had no room for her as he was already into Fatima by then.
"Well, then. I'm a woman who lives with a stone-like man. Hohoho..."
"Your Majesty, that's not what I meant. That means he is not someone who'd be shaken by other women."
"I guess I was the only one who didn't know that. Hahaha…"
Relieved to hear that, Fatima's laughter was getting louder.
By talking to Katya and getting to know her, Fatima was certain that she was never a person who would break a family.
"Your Majesty will fall in love with the Arirang Hotel in Tskhinvali… It's such a beautiful place that people who visit the hotel can't help but visit again."
"I heard that South Ossetia's economic situation is very difficult. Are there so many visitors?"
"Most of the tourists are rich Russians."
"The Duke says it's as beautiful as Kyrgyzstan."
"I want to show you the beauty of Tskhinvali one day, but I'm embarrassed to invite you because of the inconvenience of transportation. We've been using a military helipad, and we can't get a big plane in and out."
"I'll ask the Duke to build an airfield. Then you can go back and forth more comfortably than now. That will also attract more hotel guests."
"It's going to cost a lot..."
"Never mind that. So, let's hear more about Tskhinvali's situation."
Their chatter lasted for a while.
Fatima was more entertained as Katya shared the time when Park Jong-il came to Tskhinvali.