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628 Resource Exploration 3

"Chief Kim, find out why a battalion of military units has been deployed here."
Kim Il-kwon looked puzzled when Youngho suddenly asked.
"Your Highness, what's the matter?"
"The Altai Mountains are a place that no one could have crossed, and there's no reason to have a military presence. It's not a particularly dangerous place. Isn't it strange?"
"You are right. I'll find out right away."
Kim Il-kwon made several phone calls and soon found out the situation.
"Your Highness, there's something a little strange about it. The troops who were stationed here were also on guard, not knowing what they were doing."
"Who in the world gave an order like that?"
"It was a special order from the presidential palace. They were ordered not to let anyone in or out of the area designated as a nature reserve."
"Wait. Were there any routes into the mountain range?"
Something popped in Youngho's head.
Despite the rugged Altai Mountains, he remembered that there was an unpaved road.
If it was to conceal the presence of a gold mine, it would have been normal not to have even made the way into the mountain range, but it was strange.
"The resource exploration teams also used the route to enter the mountains."
"Yes, they did. We'll have to mobilize drones to look around."
"Dr. Park's team always carries drones. Shall we contact him now?"
"If we reach him, tell him to stop the exploration work and come here right away."
When Youngho asked to tell Park Young-sun to withdraw without explanation, Kim Il-kwon tilted his head.
"I think there might be more than a gold mine hidden here."
"You mean nuclear weapons?"
"I can't rule out the possibility of that."
"How can they store nuclear weapons with such lax vigilance? Wouldn't it be too dangerous?"
"If you're not going to use it right away, hiding that in an unlikely place like this is also a good way."
Park Young-sun immediately left the scene and returned to the temporary quarters when Youngho asked him to withdraw.
"Your Highness. What made you ask me to withdraw?"
"I have something to discuss. It's weird that there's been a military presence here. I guess the military was trying to protect it. I don't think it's just a gold mine. It doesn't make sense without the presence of strategic weapons."
"You said all the military units were pulled out even though those weapons were still there?"
"The stationed troops had no idea what they were guarding. They were just following orders, and when the new government forced all troops to withdraw, they just moved without a doubt."
"Then it makes a little sense. But does it make sense that even military leaders don't know about it? Shouldn't strategic weapons be handled more thoroughly?"
"If it was a weapon that could shock the whole world, it's highly likely that the information was classified to only the top leaders of the former administration."
"What? Are you talking about a nuclear weapon?"

"It's premature to say it, but I think there's a possibility."
Park Young-sun remained silent at the mention of nuclear weapons.
"This could get Kazakhstan into a complicated problem."
"That's why I asked you to withdraw. It's something that shouldn't be found by any of the explorers."
For security reasons, Youngho secretly called the organization in the royal territory only, without informing any government or military officials.
If a nuclear weapon was found after making a fuss for nothing, it would be a huge problem.
"Is it really a nuclear weapon?"
Park Jong-il's expression was very complicated as he asked.
"Well, I don't understand that they managed nuclear weapons so poorly, and I don't understand the military presence even more if it's a gold mine. Let's investigate it secretly for now."
If it turned out to be nuclear weapons, President Nazarbayev's bold move should be admired. Who would suspect that there were nuclear weapons here?
It was even appalling that he used human psychology to hide the weapons this way as they were almost neglected.
The investigation was conducted in a confidential and swift manner.
Every place of possibility was searched without exception. The investigation was primarily focused on places where there were signs of a rough road since they could not have been transported without the use of vehicles.
And based on the idea that the trail could have been erased, the search was also concentrated on relatively gentle places and where the rock walls existed. This was because it was highly likely that a rock wall was chosen to pierce a cave or build a concrete structure.
Drones were also mobilized to search the region.
Not knowing this urgent situation was taking place, the royal ladies, preoccupied with collecting gold, were alert to the emergence of competitors.
"Hey, why did Jong-il oppa and Chul-hwan oppa bring a bunch of royal bodyguards?"
"They are here to protect you."
"Huh! I don't believe that. They're here to collect gold! Somebody must have spread the word that there's a lot of gold. Is it Il-kwon oppa?"
"It's not Chief Kim. I told him to come. It's so hot at the royal territory now, so I thought it'd be great if he and his family could take a summer vacation and help the exploration team."
"Then tell them to stay away from where we are."
"Why? Did you have some fun there?"
"It's a secret."
It seemed they had found a field of gold. Youngho had heard a few shouts of joy from where the family was collecting gold.
"Okay, I'll keep no one from going there, but promise me you won't get into the woods."
Zeynep cried out an okay as if Youngho would change his mind soon.
"Hyung, is that true?"
Szechenyi was worried because he knew about the situation.
"It's too early to say. I'm just looking into this place because it's strange that the former regime has taken complete control of the place."
"Then what made the world's media assume we're nuclear-armed?"
"That was something we dropped on purpose. It's a bluff so no one will mess with us. Did you see that China is in a rage?"
"Hahaha... I see. The Queen of Denmark asked me if Kazakhstan had nuclear weapons or not."
"If Kazakhstan were a nuclear power, wouldn't Denmark be assured?"
"That's true, but she was concerned that the world will treat Kazakhstan as a rogue state."
"Please tell her not to worry. The Kazakh government has no intention of possessing nuclear weapons."
"Hyung, will you open it if the nuclear weapons are found this time?"
"I'm going to hide them like the former president. And besides, we're ready to make nuclear weapons any time, so we don't even need to find the ones already made."
"Maybe it's a gold mine with a scale that the former regime couldn't handle."
"It's better then. Gold is as destructive as nuclear weapons."
"What are you going to use it for?"
"I'm going to use it to build up the force right now. The air force has reached some level, but the Navy is still a long way off. We could even buy a completed battleship."
"What? The Danish Shipyard is building new Aegis destroyers and frigates, and remodeling the British destroyer now. Yet, you still want to buy more?"
"Reworking a used ship hurts our pride."
"The hull's fine, even if it's used. If we just change the inside and install the new weapon, it will be fine for the next 20 years."
The Royal Navy acquired nine retired frigates from the British Navy, and they were currently being renovated at the Danish Shipyard.
They were old-fashioned destroyers that became victims of the British government's drastic cuts in defense spending.
Although the ships had retired, their hulls and engines were still fine, so they could be used for more than ten years if they were equipped with internal facilities and state-of-the-art weapons.
Early next year, all of them would be deployed to the field, but Youngho felt a little uncomfortable as they were secondhand.
Although it would not matter if they had the latest version of the combat system, he still insisted on having new ships, fearing it would damage the reputation of the Kazakh Royal Navy.
However, if the U.K. frigates worked well after they were completed, he would consider receiving retired cruisers from the Russian Navy.
Although the era of the great guns and vessels were nearing an end, once they were converted into missile cruisers, then they would have their own strategic value.
"Does Princess Isabella ever tell you to return to Denmark?"
"She loves this place so much that she wants to build a log bungalow."
"The scenery here is like the Alps. But it's not just the view, is it?
"Well, it's also fun to collect gold."
"I guess they've done a pretty good job of collecting gold. Zeynep warned me to stay away from her site."
"Hahaha... There's a competition between the two. Isabella hasn't told me how much she collected either."
"What are they going to do with such little gold?"
"Isabella wants to make a gold ring and give it to the Queen."
"Really? Then I'll also add some."
"Have you collected anything?"
"Your sister gave me an earful for being a few days late. I was collecting gold. I'm sure we've got quite a collection."
"Then give that to Isabella. She said he'd brag about how much gold there is in Kazakhstan."
"Chief Kim has put away all the gold the guards and I collected. Talk to him and give it all to Isabella, but don't tell anyone else."
"Of course. If Zeynep finds out, you and I won't be able to live up to our time."