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485 Kazakhstan“s Choice 2

Kazakhstan was located at the geographically important route of the Silk Road, so countless immigrants passed by it. Even now, the place was where 1200 ethnic groups lived together harmoniously regardless of race or ethnicity.
The concept of being a stranger is also rare. However, people were especially hostile to China and Russia. It was because of their conflicts with the two countries in history.
People were furious as the human trafficking of China became an issue.
To nomads, children were works and assets of a family. Sons would become workers and shepherds, and daughters were responsible for house chores, and they were treated special since the families would receive dowry when their daughters were married off. Because of such tradition, the families agreed to send daughters to China. They had no idea that their daughters would get involved in prostitution when they were sent to China.
As the atmosphere of rallying against Chinese people in Kazakhstan had become so overheated that some Chinese were even threatened by their lives. Some of them asked for police's help, and some left the country.
The formation of anti-Chinese sentiment was a good opportunity to shake up One Belt One Road project, but it was a problem that the antipathy toward China had spread to the boycott of Chinese products.
Chinese goods accounted for such a large portion of the economy of Kazakhstan, and there were even signs that prices would fluctuate.

"Man, the atmosphere is strange. If we even boycott Chinese goods, we can't afford to meet the demands of daily necessities in Kazakhstan."

"Jong-il, do you think the Chinese merchants will just leave? They'll get rid of their products even at dirt cheap prices."

"In your dreams. They'd store them in the warehouse and come back to sell them in the future."

"That's no problem. I intend to change all the import lines during the absence of Chinese merchants."

"You don't mean to buy expensive European products. What do you have in mind?"

"I've already asked a Korean ambassador and Sergey in Volgograd."

"What's gotten into you? You never ask help from a Korean ambassador."

"They say Koreans love Kazakhstan now. I can't ignore them."

"My friends are going crazy too. Everyone wants to move here. They think they can take advantage of my title as the Director of the intelligence department."

"Tell them that we are economically developing country, but a constitutional state that's tighter than Europe."

"How many Kazakh women can't be reached?"

"More than 150 people have been reported so far."

"Man, China will have to comply with us for sure if it still wants to accomplish One Belt One Road project."

"All southern Central Asian countries accepted loan from China. If China presses them financially, they'll all have to face national bankruptcy."

"China is also not in great shape. China will have to declare the default first."

"I wish that'll be the case."

The moment China's road passed through Central Asia, Kazakhstan's peace would break. China did not think of Asia as a transport route only. It was going to economically subjugate them first so that they would be made China's satellite states in the future. The road should be opened by Kazakhstan's power, not by Chinese capital, in order to secure Central Asia's peace.


The issue of the border dispute between Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan began to emerge in the 1920s. It was still going on over unsettled 324-kilometer section out of 1,376-kilometer-long border between the two countries. Moreover, it got even more sensitive because some Uzbeks resided in the area occupied by Kyrgyz people.
Uzbekistan was pushing it with its strong national power, and Kyrgyzstan seemed to be cornered often, it could not be resolved so easily because this was deeply related to the existence of the current regime of both countries. The reason why they could not find a solution, even though they could draw a reasonable conclusion, was because the understanding of each country's politicians was complicatedly interrelated to this issue. The two countries were involved in numerous disputes that their regions was called the powder keg of Central Asia.
Youngho had a meeting with the Cabinet members to talk about this issue.

"China's intentions have been revealed to the public, and we can't let it have its own way. Then, all of south Central Asia will go into China's hands. Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan will have to fight for the peace of Central Asia."

"Intelligence Chief Park, do you think Kyrgyzstan will ask us to mediate?"

"Yes, I do. When the IS violated Kyrgyzstan's border, the country let us cross its border to resolve it. I don't think Kyrgyzstan will ask China's help to resolve its dispute with Uzbekistan. It will be us."

"If we step in, will Uzbekistan remain silent?"

"We'll have to inform in advance that we're going to mediate between the two. Uzbekistan will like that too since no country likes war."

"So will our troops be deployed at the border?"

"Of course. We'll have to show our overwhelming force to stop the conflict."

If Kazakh military would be deployed at the border between Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, it would be an occupational force there from then on. In the meantime, under-the-table operations by intelligence agents would be persistently carried out. They would create an atmosphere among people that Kyrgyzstan should be annexed Kazakhstan.

"Your Highness, I don't like it because I think we, who own the great power in Central Asia, seem to cling to a small country. Wouldn't it be better to open a way for Kyrgyzstan to stand up alone for the sake of future generations?"

The Minister of Justice, a former professor at Kazakhstan State University, touched on the most sensitive part of the issue. He was the one who insisted to give more power to the royal authority during a public hearing on the new constitution when the revolutionary government was still there.

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"Minister, you have a point, but what are we going to do when Kyrgyz politicians move in a direction that we don't want?"

"I'm saying this because we don't have much to gain even if we take Kyrgyzstan. Even if China was determined to take over Kyrgyzstan, would it be possible when the international community is watching? I don't think it would be a threat to us even if Kyrgyzstan became a socialist country in the worst case. At that time, we will already be in the ranks of advanced countries."

Youngho was also concerned about that, but stopping China from advancing to Central Asia was a matter of priority. If Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan would not open ways for China, China would not be able to cross Central Asia. China could cross over Pakistan's Pamir Plateau, which was called the roof of the world, but it was a rough way.

"I already considered that too. It won't be an immediate threat to us, but if Kyrgyzstan becomes subjugated to China, we will have China's threat under our chin. This is an absolute for the future of Kazakhstan. We'll only achieve peace when we're determined to have war."


"We'll have to resolve the border issue between Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan regardless of China anyway. We can't have powder keg right beneath us. Also, it won't be forced annexation of Kyrgyzstan. We'll make the people of Kyrgyzstan choose us."


"Suh Min-seok, did you enjoy your honeymoon?"

"I came back safely thanks to your consideration."

"I heard you received a great welcome in Korea?"

"Yes, it was great from Incheon International Airport. I had to do countless interviews with reporters."

Suh Min-seok and Kim In-hwa had a simple wedding ceremony in the royal territory, and went to Korea to have a bigger wedding with their relatives. Since they were known to have worked in the secretarial office of the Kazakh royal family, they enjoyed a reputation during their stay in Korea.

"I saw the article you guys interviewed and it seems like you pushed it too much, kiddo."

"I just told the true nature of Her Majesty and Your Highness."

"You made me a joke. You turned the Queen into an angel and me into a ridiculous Napoleon with no impossibilities."

"It's true. I was going to brag more, but I had to suppress my desire because I knew you'd be like this."

During their visit to Korea, Suh Min-seok and Kim In-hwa enjoyed as much popularity as idol stars in Korea. From Tbilisi Airport in Georgia, where they first met Youngho, to being selected as royal secretary, their story was enough to wow young people. They exaggeratedly bragged that they took a leap of faith to quit a stable job at Youngho's earnest request. In addition, they interviewed that Youngho's reputation in Europe was as influential as the British and German premiers.

"You know it's a great crime to drag the royal family into your story to show off, right?"

"You are kidding, aren't you?"

"Your work in the royal territory ends today. You should return to the Duke's secretarial office. Do you understand?"

"Your Highness, I haven't even made a baby yet. You're taking back your words that I have to make three babies before returning?"

"Babies can wait. Kim Il-kwon can't be away from Baku, so you need to take the position."

"So, does that mean I have to carry a gun? I haven't finished my training yet, so it's too early."

"You're not a bodyguard. You're just an assistant."


Since Youngho stayed more in the royal territory than in Astana, he made Min-seok his old job back. Suh Min-seok did not need to help Commissioner Kim in the royal territory since there were a lot of talented people who could do the job as the young generation of Serbians and Koreans in their early 20s were now taking over different job fields including administration jobs after graduating from schools.
Some might say that important industries were only concentrated in the royal territory, but this could not be helped since there were not so many young people who were trained to work in job fields that required cutting-edge technology in Kazakhstan anyway.
If the royal territory was to be operated properly, the ripple effects would flow to the entire nation, so it should not be too much of a concern.
Soon, many young students from science and engineering majors in Korea would come to breathe new life into the Kazakhstan. This was because Suh Min-seok and Kim In-hwa had set fire to Korean youths and charmed them.