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121 Breaking through 1

Once the Horde had arrived just out of reach of the attacks of the defenders along the settlement walls, the Horde came to a halt. Grobak rode forward on his giant wolf and rode up and down the lines of the Horde while holding a somewhat torn flag showing a red skull with jagged teeth on a black background. The symbol of his tribe.

As he rode down the line of barbarians, they shouted and cheered with a manic and unbridled style. These were cold blooded killers, rapists, anarchists, and deviants of a diverse nature. They lived to fight and subdue while living in the moment without a care for the future.

"Hmph, look at that fool. Does he think himself a king? We have arrived here and I still see the walls standing firm in the distance. What does he hope to accomplish?" Ordak ridiculed as he watched Grobak riding atop the giant wolf.

"He is just a prancing idiot. Does he think putting on a show will change the fact that he can't accomplish anything? Those walls are protected by an army of elites, look at them standing on the walls. Even though I despise these Humans, we still have to respect their strength. It will be suicide to charge the wall under these circumstances."

"Calm yourself Rimek. Our chance to take back control will arrive soon. I'm only concerned about why the Chief hasn't arrived yet. Could something have happened to him? Impossible."

Ordak frowned, but this didn't dissuade him from what he planned to do.

Seeing that the time had almost passed and there were no obvious changes to the situation, Ordak brought along his subordinates and rode his own giant wolf over to where Grobak was. He immediately grew furious as he rode towards Grobak aggressively.

"So, where is this miracle you said would happen? Here we are, the entire Horde and those walls still stand! What do you plan to do? Do you plan for all of us to commit suicide against the walls? Even if we can win the battle by flooding the walls with our warriors, our losses would be severe. Is that your plan? I will tell you right now, feel free to throw your own warriors at the wall until there are none left, but not a single Harkul will give their lives for your foolishness!"

The entire time Ordak was shouting, Grobak didn't even pay him a glance. This only infuriated Ordak more and he moved to grab his waraxe from his side. His subordinates also flung curses at Grobak, showing not one single ounce of respect as they threatened him.

"What a bunch of clowns." Grobak said clearly, although his gaze still remained somewhere in the distance.

"I will kill you Grobak, do you think your tribe can go against the might of the Horde?"

Ordak waved his axe and approached Grobak with the intent to kill, but he was dissuaded from moving further by the sudden unleashing of the aura's of Grobak's elite guards. They snarled and raised their own weapons, ready to pounce on a moment's notice. This caused Ordak and his subordinates to show some caution, but they weren't afraid. Even if a fight broke out, it wasn't as if they wouldn't have the advantage.

Meanwhile, the tremors began to pick up in frequency and they were becoming even more noticeable. This caused Ordak and his men to quiet down as the ground visibly shook. It was becoming more and more rapid in its vibrations and the tremors were now causing rocks and debris to shake and bounce.

"What is going on?" Ordak finally showed some concern on his face.

Grobak suddenly laughed and finally turned his vicious gaze upon Ordak and sneered, "You wanted a miracle, here it comes."


"Look at all those Barbarians! Damn, I don't think I have ever seen so much shit in one place before!"

Several Human soldiers laughed while pointing and staring at the Barbarian warriors that were standing just out of the range of their defensive siege weaponry. They couldn't effectively launch magic attacks at this distance either and so the soldiers and other defenders on the wall just observed while conversing with each other.

"I hope they actually do attack, we can just kill them all at once."

"Hah, right. We have already bloodied them. If we can defeat the Barbarians outside the walls, the Steppes will be ours for the taking. I don't know about you guys, but I am getting sick of this siege."

"It's only been a short while since the siege started, you are really impatient."

"They don't even realize that we have been hoping they would do an all out attack. It should be just in time for the Dragons and their army to arrive. Once they get here, we will easily clean out the Barbarians and bring civilization to this place. In the future they might even thank us."

All along the defensive walls, soldiers spoke with confidence. Hearing their words, one might think that victory was assured and that the Barbarians were only coming to their deaths.

"Look, it's that lady again. She's the most enchanting woman I have ever seen. Damn, she has to be nobility. Look at her skin, it's like it has never seen the sun."

"Something is wrong with her today though. She looks like she is trembling, but it is warm out."

"Really? You're right, what's going on?"

"Do you feel that?"

"Yeah, the ground, it's trembling. What's going on!?"

The walls of the settlement shook, surprising many of the soldiers standing upon it. There had been some slight tremors, but they had thought it might just be a minor quake. This was something different and the tremors began to pick up in speed and intensity. Although the soldiers weren't panicking, they were beginning to grow concerned.


A tall man walked out of a tent and put a hood around his head. There had been some guards outside of the tent, but they had been knocked unconscious. The man who kept his features hidden, carefully dragged the bodies into the tent, and made sure that no one could see his movements. He then moved through the expeditionary settlement cautiously, making sure to avoid patrols where possible.

Although it was unlikely he would be found out, he was careful nonetheless. If one were to look closely, they might see a slightly graying mustache, and a man with a hardened expression. One whom had seen much and suffered plenty. He couldn't help but move anxiously after feeling the intense tremors which had begun to shake the settlement.

Some of the soldiers on patrol within the settlement were moving about quickly. There was a lot of movement in general with servants and soldiers rushing about. No one really had time to pay attention to the man who wished to remain unnoticed. They might only briefly glance at him and seeing that he was Human, they didn't bother to inspect further. There were already numerous people moving about and he was dressed like a servant as were many others. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

As he came closer to the walls of the settlement, the rumbling in the distance grew ever closer and the ground visibly shook. This caused some to lose their footing and accidents were beginning to increase in frequency. The man even noticed several soldiers who almost fell off the walls due to losing their footing. Others were holding onto the walls to stop themselves from shaking. Some were even beginning to panic as the quaking only intensified and did not seem as if it would ever cease.

The hooded man made his way up through one of the wall towers and eventually stood atop the walls. He was questioned a few times, but no one stopped him for long. After finally standing on top of the walls, he looked out towards the west and seemed to be waiting for something. He stood quietly, no one knowing exactly what he was thinking.

However, his gaze suddenly fell upon a young woman who was clutching something at her side and was trembling fiercely. She had golden hair, a thin and lithe waist, and an extraordinary bearing. For a moment, he was speechless. From the view of her back, he couldn't help but recall a once proud woman, who he could only admire from a distance but never draw too close.

"Lenia... no, can it be?"