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780 A Little Shor

\"Oh, there's nobody at my house tonight,\" Su Xiaoxue whispered.

Wang Yao was stunned. He gently embraced her in his arms and said, \"I have to prepare two sets of medicine in the evening.\"

He took Su Xiaoxue home. When they arrived, they found that Chu Lian had returned.

\"Miss, Sir,\" she said.

\"Auntie Lian, why are you back?\" Su Xiaoxue asked.

\"Madam was worried and asked me to come back,\" Chu Lian said.

\"What about my mother?\" Su Xiaoxue asked.

\"Somebody is with her, so don't worry,\" Chu Lian replied.

After a few words with Su Xiaoxue, Wang Yao left the Su house and returned to the courtyard. Chen Ying was still awake.

\"It's so late, yet you're not asleep,\" Wang Yao said.

\"I was waiting for you,\" Chen Ying said. \"Is Brother Su alright?\"

\"His life is not in danger for the time being,\" Wang Yao replied. \"It's quite late. You should go rest.\"

\"Alright,\" Chen Ying said.

The night was quiet and a little cold.


With the sound of firewood burning, Wang Yao began to boil the medicine Primordial Spirit Soup, which helped consolidate the primordial spirit. With the assistance of this medicine, along with purging the poison from their bodies, the two men could speed up the recovery of their injuries.

It was not until after 1 a.m. that the medicine was finished. Wang Yao went to his room to rest. The next morning, he got up very early.

Chen Ying was up earlier than him. She practiced martial arts in the yard and began to prepare breakfast for Wang Yao. Chen Zhou got up later. Like his sister, he went to the courtyard to practice. His boxing was gentler, which helped relax the muscles and activate blood circulation.

\"Good morning, Sir,\" Chen Ying said.

\"Good morning.\" Wang Yao greeted her with a smile.

Breakfast was splendid. The three ate together.

After the meal, Chen Ying's younger brother had to go to school. Since he had recovered, he was leading a normal life. This was what the siblings had both hoped for. After a while, Chu Lian drove to the courtyard to fetch Wang Yao. They went to the hospital together.

In the ward, Song Ruiping was feeding Su Zhixing porridge. The porridge had just been cooked and was very fragrant.

\"Brother, are you feeling better?\" Wang Yao asked.

\"Much better.\" Su Zhixing was able to speak louder than he could the previous night. He repeated his gratitude. \"Thank you.\"

\"You only have to say it once,\" Wang Yao said with a laugh.

\"Do you need to examine him?\" Song Ruiping asked.

\"There's no rush,\" Wang Yao said \"You can eat first. I'll take a look next door.\"

The soldier next door woke up and was surprised to see Wang Yao coming in.

\"Did you save me?\" His voice was very hoarse.

\"Yes, how do you feel now?\" Wang Yao asked.

\"I feel that it's good to be alive,\" the young soldier weakly said.

Wang Yao laughed. \"Have you had breakfast?\"

\"A little, but I don't feel hungry,\" the soldier said.

The horrible poison had eroded his internal organs and seriously disturbed his normal body functions. Even though he had not eaten for nearly two days, he was still not hungry.

\"Have you taken the medicine?\" Wang Yao asked.

\"Yes, it's very effective,\" the soldier replied. \"I haven't asked your name yet.\"

Naturally, he felt very grateful to this life-saving benefactor.

\"My name is Wang Yao,\" Wang Yao said.

\"Hello, my name is Meng Wushuang,\" the soldier said. \"It's nice to meet you.\"

\"Glad to be able to save you,\" Wang Yao said.

He had sincere respect for the soldiers who silently safeguarded the peace of their motherland. They were indeed special people. They protected the peace and calm for others with their youth and blood.

\"I'll need to examine you again,\" Wang Yao said.

He looked him over carefully again. The antidote was working, and the effect was obvious. The poison in his body was rapidly reducing.

Wang Yao took out the Primordial Spirit Soup that he had cooked the previous night. \"Here, have some medicine.\"

\"Alright, sure,\" Meng Wushuang said.

Wang Yao poured out a small bowl and gave it to the soldier. The young man's stomach felt warm and comfortable after he drank it. He told Wang Yao how he felt before he was even asked.

\"That's good,\" Wang Yao said. \"You should rest some more. I'll go to the next room and have a look.\"

\"Is the captain all right?\" Meng Wushuang asked.

\"He's much better than you,\" Wang Yao said. \"Did you say he's a captain?\"

\"Yes, he's our squadron leader,\" Meng Wushuang said.

He's still a captain!

\"You just rest,\" Wang Yao said. \"I'll go see your captain.\"

Su Zhixing had finished his breakfast. His condition was better than Meng Wushuang's next door.

\"Is Wushuang all right?\" he asked.

\"He's alright,\" Wang Yao said. \"I've just given him some medicine. It's your turn.\"

After taking the medicine, Su Zhixing laid down but seemed restless.

\"Don't you want to sleep?\" Wang Yao asked.

\"No, I almost couldn't open my eyes ever again,\" Su Zhixing said. \"I don't want to sleep now, and I don't quite dare to sleep.\"

He was afraid that he would never open his eyes after he fell asleep.

After laying there for a while, Su Zhixing asked, \"Shall I tell you how we fought?\"

\"Yes, I want to hear it,\" Wang Yao said.

Su Zhixing carefully told Wang Yao and his mother about the battle and its aftermath. They had received a special combat mission. A group of unidentified armed forces had infiltrated the rainforest in southern Yunnan. Their purpose was not clear. The local special police forces were mobilized.

They unidentified forces opened fire. Their weapons and equipment were very advanced, and their combat literacy was very high. It was clear they were an elite team. The special police unit suffered many losses, so Su Zhixing's team received a notice of action. They took a military transport aircraft and flew thousands of miles, straight to the depths of the rainforest.

Damages and injuries were to be expected when two teams fought in the deep jungle, but the ability of one person on the opposite team was too strange. He was extremely fast and good at hiding. The team led by Su Zhixing was in his way. In a short time, two soldiers had been sacrificed in succession. It was not because they were weak. It was because the opponent was too cunning and powerful.

\"I was amazed by his fighting ability,\" Su Zhixing said. \"I couldn't defend myself at all. If a soldier hadn't launched a suicide attack, I would have died directly under his knife.\"

His heart still raced when he thought about what had happened. Every time he thought of those comrades who had been sacrificed, he felt as if a stone was on his chest.

\"In the end, I survived, but they were sacrificed,\" Su Zhixing said.

\"And, the man, is he dead?\" Wang Yao asked.

\"No, they retreated,\" Su Zhixing said. \"Maybe he'll come back.\"

\"Come back?\" Wang Yao asked.

\"Yes, the borders are never a quiet place,\" Su Zhixing said.