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Song Ruiping was slightly less worried.

\"What an amazing pill!\" Li Shengrong exclaimed.

He had just checked Su Zhixing's pulse 10 minutes ago. His pulse was like a fish in the water. He found it hard to feel it. He reckoned it was a deadly pulse. A moment later, his pulse became steady. Only an elixir could bring a dying person back.

\"I think he is out of danger for now,\" Chen Zhouchuan said after checking Su Zhixing's pulse. \"The pill is protecting his organs. He's fine for now.\"

\"Thank you so much,\" Song Ruiping said.

Since both Li Shengrong and Chen Zhouchuan reckoned Su Zhixing was out of danger, she was no longer as worried. Of course, without the help from Dr. Li and Dr. Chen, her son wouldn't hold on until Su Xiaoxue delivered the pill. She appreciated the two doctors.

\"Now, all you need to do is wait,\" Chen Zhouchuan said.

The pill not only impressed Dr. Li and Dr. Chen, but it also impressed the medical staff in the hospital. They were so worried that Su Zhixing was going to die, but he was suddenly out of danger a few minutes after taking a small pill. They wondered what magical pill it was.

\"Did you see what happened?\" a young doctor asked.

\"Yeah, what pill it is? So amazing!\" a senior doctor exclaimed.

\"I don't know. Do you know, Director?\" the young doctor asked.

\"No, but I have to remind you all not to ask questions you are not supposed to ask and don't gossip,\" the senior doctor said. \"Don't tell anyone what you've seen. You know these people's backgrounds.\"

They all knew Su Zhixing had a special background. Since he was admitted into the hospital, all the hospital's senior staff had visited him, no matter what they were in charge of. Therefore, they knew he must be from a prestigious family.

\"Do you want to have a walk outside?\" Li Shengrong asked Chen Zhouchuan.

The two walked out of the hospital room to the window in the corridor. It was very cool this time of the evening. The two of them suddenly became alert in the fresh air.

\"He almost died just now,\" Li Shengrong said.

\"Yeah, almost,\" Chen Zhouchuan said.

\"Have you seen that pill before?\" Li Shengrong asked.

\"Yeah, Wang Yao gave one of those to Xiaoxue when she was in critical condition,\" Chen Zhouchuan said \"He brought her back using the same pill. I still remember it. I didn't expect to come across it again.\"

\"What's the name of the pill?\" Li Shengrong asked.

\"I don't know,\" Chen Zhouchuan said.

\"I suppose it won't be easy to make one,\" Li Shengrong said.

\"What's on your mind?\" Chen Zhouchuan looked at Li Shengrong skeptically.

\"If we can make a large amount of that pill, we would be able to save a lot of people,\" Li Shengrong said.

\"Wang Yao told me it is extremely hard to make the pills,\" Chen Zhouchuan said. \"It took him a lot of time to make only a handful of the pills. I guess there are not many left by now.\"

\"What a shame,\" Li Shengrong said.

\"By the way, what happened to the other two soldiers?\" Chen Zhouchuan asked.

Su Zhixing was not the only injured soldier being brought to the hospital. Two more soldiers were admitted into the hospital afterward. One of them had been shot. The other was poisoned and had similar symptoms to Su Zhixing. His condition was slightly better because the wound was in his leg while Su Zhixing's wound was in the belly. The toxin went directly into his organs.

\"He must be in a critical condition,\" Li Shengrong said.

A doctor suddenly rushed into the room where the other soldier was staying.

\"Let's go have a look,\" Chen Zhouchuan suggested.

He and Li Shengrong went into the room where the other injured soldier was. The soldier was lying in the bed. He was very young, likely in his 20s. His face had turned dark and green like Su Zhixing's. His breathing was weak. It was like a candle in the wind that could be gone any time.

\"He is in danger,\" Chen Zhouchuan said.

\"Come on, let's do something,\" Li Shengrong said.

The medical staff in the hospital had injected strong medication into the soldier's body. Dr. Li and Dr. Chen stimulated the patient with acupuncture to keep him alive.

\"Thank god!\" Both Dr. Chen and Dr. Li took a big sigh of relief.

\"Shouldn't the helicopter arrive soon?\" Li Shengrong asked.

The helicopter was much faster than a car, but Wei was nowhere close to Beijing. Even if the helicopter went full speed, it would take several hours to arrive in Beijing.

Time passed slowly to those who were anxiously waiting, especially to a person who could die anytime.

\"How come they are still not here?\" Song Ruiping asked with a sigh.

\"Mom, my brother will be fine,\" Su Xiaoxue gently said.

\"I know,\" Song Ruiping said.

It started to get dark outside. Su Zhixing had been stable since he took the prolongation pill. His condition didn't become worse.

Eventually, the helicopter arrived in Beijing and landed at a military airport. A car was waiting there. Wang Yao got out of the helicopter and into the car, which headed straight to the hospital.

The monitor was making a continuous beeping sound. The medical staff was busy treating a young soldier. Suddenly, the soldier became short of breath.

Beep! Beep!

The curve symbolizing the heart rate became a line.

\"Get the automated external defibrillator ready!\" a doctor shouted.

Ding! Om! Su Xiaoxue's cellphone rang. She nervously answered it, \"Hello, Dr. Wang!\"

\"I'm here at the hospital,\" Wang Yao said.

\"Auntie Lian is waiting for you downstairs. I'll call her now,\" Su Xiaoxue said.

\"I saw her,\" Wang Yao said.

They got into the elevator and headed to the room.

\"You are finally here!\" Su Xiaoxue breathed a sigh of relief after seeing Wang Yao.

She believed her brother would be fine after being treated by Wang Yao. She believed in Wang Yao unconditionally, even blindly.

\"Hello, Dr. Chen, Dr. Li,\" Wang Yao greeted Chen Zhouchuan and Li Shengrong.

\"Finally you are here!\" The two old men smiled.

\"Hello, Auntie Song,\" Wang Yao said.

\"Hello, Dr. Wang, please take a look at Zhixing,\" Song Ruiping said.

Wang Yao checked Su Zhixing's pulse without any delay. \"The toxin is really strong!\"

\"It is!\" Li Shengrong agreed.

The toxin had invaded Su Zhixing's organs and traveled all over his body. The toxin was so strong that it had destroyed his body function. Fortunately, he took the amazing prolongation pill in time. Wang Yao didn't think Su Zhixing would be in danger even if he had come a day later.

\"I'll make a dose of detox for him,\" Wang Yao said.

Although the toxin was strong, it wasn't an issue for Wang Yao. He had more than 10 different licorice roots. One of them was the detox grass, which could resolve all different toxins.

A doctor came into the room a moment later. \"Ms. Song, the soldier who came with Mr. Su didn't survive.\"

Everyone was silent.

\"Just now?\" Wang Yao asked.

\"Yes,\" the doctor said.

\"Let me take a look at him.\" Wang Yao stood up. He didn't forget to comfort Song Ruiping and Su Xiaoxue before he walked out. He didn't want them to worry. \"Zhixing is fine for the moment. Don't worry.\"

The soldier next door had stopped breathing and had no heartbeat. A nurse in the room was wiping tears off her face. She was about to remove the monitor.

He is not dead yet! Wang Yao went to check the soldier.

He rapidly took out several silver needles and inserted them into the soldier's body. He transferred his Qi to the soldier at the same time.

After he had given the soldier his purest Qi, Wang Yao took out a white porcelain bottle and took a pill out of the bottle. The pill smelled nice. He opened the soldier's mouth and fed him the pill. He patted the soldier to make sure he swallowed the pill.

\"The same pill!\" Li Shengrong whispered. He and Chen Zhouchuan took a glance at each other.

After the soldier had swallowed the pill, Wang Yao patted on different parts of the soldier's body, following the meridians and acupoints. He was stimulating the soldier using a unique method. The monitor started to beep again.

\"His heart started to beat again!\" a nurse shouted.

She ran out of the room to call the doctors. A moment later, the registrar came in and witnessed something he would never forget. The soldier he had announced was dead had come back to life. His heart started to beat again, and his chest was moving up and down. He had regained his breath. He was not dead.

\"This is a miracle!\" the doctor exclaimed. He looked at Wang Yao. He couldn't believe what had just happened. \"Are you the person they've been waiting for?\"

He wondered what skills Wang Yao had to bring a dead person back to life.