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9 Mountain of Shakrav

We seek some help from the elder and he use his magic to locate the location of Mica so we can find them.

They were located at the Shakrav Mountains its the tallest mountain in the region so we pack days worth of supply resources.

And we quick go and climb the mountain there's too many obstacles like steep climbs and the temperature are freezing cold.

Even though we still continue. We encounter some ice wizards surely i could not defeat them alone my fire abilities are weaken at this rate the low temperature drain my power luckily the Archer managed to kill them with just a few arrow shots.

We climb the mountain and reach the summit when we got there we see a fortress it heavily guarded by Dunkens Troops now we know he has troops we should be more careful.

So we waited for night to strike.

When the night comes tge Archer shoot those guards one by one. Luckily it was silent so the troop inside didn't notice it.

We ho inside and when we got there we soon split up and find Mica i found her in a prison cell at least she only hang up and not hurt but if she was hurt i would be a monster to kill Dunken.

The Archer scream so we follow his voice and we discover that Dunken has hurt him badly blood over the floor.

We was so frustrated that thid comes that Archer is A good guy he help us to make it in here to save Mica.