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8 Clash of the Titans

@@I was surprised and shocked that Dunken was just standing behind be.

The Archer quickly Shoot Dunken but manage to get the arrow and he trow it to the Archer with his power of wind he guide his arrow and it pierce to the Archer Chest.

The Archer quickly fainted and fall to the ground. I draw my sword and quickly attack Dunken but my sword has no effect to his Hand His magic is so strong my sword can't pierce it.

So i activated my sword enchantment spell that i Learn i the library it allow me to use my fire magic by flowing it in my sword my sword quickly burst into flames and Dunken feel it real quick. He laughed and said i gotta say you hurt me there but its my turn he attack me with too many punch that i can count but i manage to defend it with my sword.

We are fitting while Mica Arrive Dunken see ger and quickly go to her and He get her and fly away with Mica Using his wind power. I try to catch them but they are too fast for me.

I was sk pissed and angry with Dunken at this point.

I get back to the Archer luckily he was still breathing and i carry him to the town so he can be heald.

We sped the night at the town again.

Luckily there was a healing magic that the elders learn it was in not any book so i didn't learn about it.

The Archer was really angry and want revenge so at down we will hunt Dunken again and Save Mica and kill that guy.