Elemental Realm
7 Hunting Dunken
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Elemental Realm
Author :Jayvee_Fabul_Royo
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7 Hunting Dunken

It's Dusk so we quick leave the town and search for Dunken with our new filled up resources from the village elders we will be fine for a couple of days so we don't worry about that.

But we our worry that Dunken might have build am army to this time.

Not from the village we spotted a man was beaten up so badly there was to guys beating him so we rush to help i quickly draw my sword and point it to the 2 guys while Mica and the Archer is assisting the Man who was badly injured.

Luckily the Man was not dead and can be heald.

I ask the guys who assaulted the man i ask who are they and who are they serving?.

They reply we won't takl so I slice their arms off.

I told Mica not to watch and helo the man to get to the Town and get heald.

Me and the Archer continue asking them but they won't answer but i think they have enough when the Archer shot their legs so they talk and they were just doing it to get more money because that was Dunken Said.

Me and the Archer ask them again where is Dunken and they quickly answer behind you!.

DUNKEN:Hello John i see you meet my servant's ready to die!!!!!!!!.

Im surprise to see That you are trying to get stronger and fight me luckily im here to fight you right now and it seem you are nor prepared.


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