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6 Learning The knowledge

After we arrive at our destination we quickly get to the Town hall we decided to work as soon as possible.

We find the Town Elders and we get permission to go to their library but they don't allow us.

But when we told them what happened they were shock for what happened. So they quickly build up defense to the town to protect it from Dunken.

While we're in the library studying their sacred magic techniques we are shook to find more stuff in there we found some magical armor and magical shield and some battle axe.

I just realized that thus town was a former Town for warriors but time passes and this town was forgotten.

Were so Deeply focused to learning this new enchantments we forget the time and it's night time we feel hunger so we decided to eat and head outside we find a local dinner we eat there and it was really great.

The Town Elders was there and so as the locals it like a Fiest so we enjoy the night.

Suddenly the library was burn a big explosion was heard and every rush to the scene but there's noting left.

We know that It was Dunken and His Comrads

that did that spreading their evil.

At dawn will hunt down Dunken and end this once and for all we are tired being like this we say no more.

So at dawn will start our hunt for Dunken and hopefully end this chaos.