Elemental Realm
5 The River
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Elemental Realm
Author :Jayvee_Fabul_Royo
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5 The River

As we woke up we quickly pack our resources and encounter a rushing river we see some boats but it cause a lot of resources our resources are now empty as we board the boat. As we sail the river we encounter some creatures called Drowned they are basically people who drown in this river and forever be trap even their soul is trap there for Eternity.

We sail this seems to be a river to forever days have come but we feel like we're not moving at all our food is all gone and all that kind of stuffs.

Then It's nigh now i could only heard the rapid sound of the river smashing to the boat then suddenly we were attacked by the Drowned.

I wake them all up to prepare to fight those Monsters so we quickly gear up and attacked them.

But it doesn't do a thing to them we fight and fight until we're exhausted but the Archer notice something when he hit them in the neck they seemed to weaken so We quickly target their neck and after a few battle they are all gone luckily Mica was hiding at the boat's cabin that time so she was not hurt.

When the Sun rise we arrived at ohr destination we are all exhausted but we should continue our journey for our lost fellows and for our own future.

And if we don't do any our word will be more chaotic than it been and ever would been.


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