Wuxiaworld > Elemental Realm > 4 Erucks

Me and Mica and the Archer journey to the next village then again along the road the man we encounter last time was standing there again.

We just walked passed him but he whispered to me I've warn you.....

I just continue walking and i talk to Mica That we need more food and find more resources for our trip because it gonna be a long journey.

The Archer Talked to me and said i knoe where to find Food follow me but we should be careful The Erucks are roaming this field.

Erucks are tiny creatures and it look scary with their pointed nose and ugly skin they are really The most annoying creatures that existed here.

So we go to the fields and pick up fruits from the fields while me and the Archer are chopping the big tree for our resources.

Mica Was picking some berry's and suddenly Erucks appeared The Erucks steal the berry's and manage to hurt Mica But I draw my trusty sword and rush to her i manage to kill 5 Erucks but one escape. The Archer Draw his bow and landed a clean arrow on the Erucks head. We quickly Get out of this field because we see in the horizon a few hundred Erucks Roaming And their queen was there. We manage to escape thoose Erucks.

We camp for the night at a nearby old abandoned shack.