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3 Mysterious Archer

This Archer is rather strange he didn't hit the guy who yell at us but only hit Mica so I estated our business i shouted we meet no harm the Archer yell Who ars you and why you came to our village are you with Dunken??.

Ye replied no in fact we're enemies.

The Archer replied Welcome to our village So What's your name?

I replied my name isa John Former Child of the Elementals. So great to see you we were attacked last night by Dunken he take all our food and he was accompanied by one of your own people the Archer said.

I said who do you know who!?.

The Archer replied he said he's Nyack.

That little bastard he is one of the prisoner who turned evil by hes own power he also have a fire ability that make him one of the greatest treat besides Dunken.

We our seeking for the village Elders are they here?

The Archer replied sadly they are all dead killed by Dunken why are you seeking about them.

I reply so we can learn and train to be a better Fighter to defeat Dunken.

Archer: is that so so who is she?

Me:She's my companion don't worry she does not harm any body.

Archer:ok you two come with me we'll head out to the next village there we can find Luwong Who has the Book that record any magic ever known in this realm.

Mica to John:"Do you trust him?

Me:yes he seems nice and i can feel he's not lying.