Wuxiaworld > Elemental Realm > 2 Nightmares

We escape Dunken From the village With mg sword and Mica of course She's more important than anything i have.

With few resources i gathered We journey to the village of of the Karks.

In our journey we encounter a man Wearing Black clothes so black i could not even see his face but his voice so scary. We just way walked beside that man but we heard his voice saying If you continue that path You'll surely die.And we looked back at him he simply disappeared.

It's getting dark so we camp for the night along the road into the trees we seek shelter that night. Mica Woke up from a bad dream she said to me She's having a dream about our village being Slaughtered She continue to cry.

And i just said to her that im we get to Karks

Well find Help soon enough. So the morning comes we head back to the route and a few miles a head we could see Karks but we're mesmerized that the village was Not its former beauty There beautiful and colorful houses are now ashes. When we got there few houses are still around but badly damaged some one approach us He yell "Goooo awayyy Well dieeee" and he simply was shot by this Archer his arrow was strange cause it changed direction targeting Mica lucky I get my sword and block it so it didn't hit her.