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1 Get To know each other

Im just an ordinary guy in the Realm of the Abbysal its a world. This world contains all sorts of magic abilities. Some have Fire ability or even Wind manipulation,Some hove the rare ability of Soul manipulation this kind of People are responsible for people who are going to the after life.This world was chaotic Because of this such powers nobody has a courage to make things right. But this girl Name Mica That i Know she really want to change this chaotic world but she doesn't have any kind of power only I John Vincent the 3rd the former child of one of the strongest Elementals My 3rd generation of power comes from them but yet i never unlocked its full potential.On this Day One of the clan of the Wind manipulation Comes to Rule our village. Every one comes near to him he killed His name was Dunken Dunken was One of the 3rd elementals like me He owns a powerful Magic element. But unlike me I get my energy From my Elemental Sword while hes power comes from his own bare hand.

The villagers were fighting him but no one can even touch him me and mica were advised to run and don't come back because i have the most powerful weapon if Dunken get this such power will come to him and The world may be more chaotic than it is today.