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570 Flame of colour

It's been a couple days since the incident with Manus, however with it came unexpected benefits. Reima felt his control over Humanity was steadily growing, apparently Manus had been affecting his overall growth with the ability, perhaps even funneling it into himself in an attempt to break out... Though now he's just an annoying Staff that shouts "I WILL DEVOUR YOU" whenever it gets the chance...

He was now able to manipulate the black ooze and create tendrils out of it, though this wasn't the most impressive use of it... That title would belong to it's adaptability, it was able to be used in conjunction with other kinds of magic, this was party how Dark Orb and Black Flame functioned. Spells that he'd neglected to train due to their difficulty in the past, though now it was different.

Reima sat in an isolated position in the mountains with large stone pillars surrounding him. He was in the meditative pose that Geralt had taught him all those years ago and was experimenting with Humanities new capabilities.

Holding his hand out a red flame begins to coalesce, that is, until it gains a black core, slowly leeching out until the entirety of the fire was black. The abilities of this flame were quite unique, Humanity was physically based and so, when added to his fire it made the fire corporeal. The more Humanity he added the more physical it got, until, finally.


The stone pillars around Reima were enveloped in the black flames and were being lifted into the air. No telekinesis was being used, the pillars were simply being lifted by the flames. Though the rock that comprised them was quickly turning red due to the heat of the fire.

Reima slowly breathes out as he lowers the pillars, the control wasn't all that more difficult then when he first started using Chaos Flames, though it provided different challenges. Trying to manipulate chaos was like trying to force an unruly child to do what you want, whereas black fire was like trying to bend steel with your bare hands.

However, it didn't take long for him to become proficient with them, the thoughts of what'd happen to someone should they be caught by a hand of Black Flames made him morbidly giddy.

His experiments with black sorceries didn't give such good results however, each time he tried resulting in something similar to a dark orb... Even a Crystal Soul Spear would melt into a mass of black tendrils when injected with Humanity, though this wasn't surprising due to Humanities attributes.

Reima wished he could have more time to train these abilities, he reckoned he could even start flying if he practised enough with it, but, as a leader of a newly forming settlement there were always things to do.

He had recently visited Vesemir and Quelina to see how she was getting on under his tutelage. Upon entering the laboratory he was surprised to see a large amount of already completed potions sitting on a table. Next to it was the large body of Quelina as well as Vesemir looking over into a cauldron, they were quickly speaking to one another about "Creating a truth potion similar to the one Reima had used.", it seemed that the Veritaserum he'd displayed previously had these two in a frenzy to find out what could possibly have such an effect.

He walks towards and knocks on the wooden table to catch their attention, Quelina almost jumps and knocks over the cauldron had Vesemir not been quick to steady it.

Vesemir "Lambert for god's sake, how many times do I have to tell you NOT-... Reima?" he almost explodes until he turns and sees Reima standing there with crossed arms.

Quelina turns and smiles brightly at him, scuttling forwards and hugging his waist, "Reima! You've come to visit me!"

Reima "Yeah, just wanted to check up on your progress... It seems you've progressed past just learning though." he mutters while glancing over the table.

Quelina nods, "Uncle Vesemir and I are trying to make a new potion!"

Vesemir chuckles, "This ones an incredibly quick learner, I've got no more material to teach her so I decided that we should try creating something new." he says with a gentle expression.

Reima "Something about recreating my Veritaserum right?"

Vesemir "Oh, you heard that?" he says with a funny expression.

Reima nods, "I did, but it seems you guys haven't checked out the library I'd built..."

Quelina "I did, but there wasn't anything on alchemy... Those books on biology and microscopic organisms were interesting though!"

Reima shakes his head, "You both have access to the restricted section on the top floor, I'd left all the books on alchemy and potioneering there. The recipe to create Veritaserum included, but you'd still lack the ingredients as I haven't gotten around to creating a farm here yet."

Vesemir rubs his chin, "Hmm, a farm? I'm guessing you'd not be growing Wolf's Bane or Fools Parsley there..."

Reima "Yeah, it'd only be for magical plants from the previous world I visited. Their potions are much more useful than the ones we could usually brew, regular humans are even able to take them."

Quelina "Really? Oh, just think of the things we could brew with such plants... Reima! You have to start growing them!"


Reima "I'd have to finish those rune clusters though, the weather here isn't exactly amazing..."

Quelina "Please! It would mean a lot to me." she says with sparkling eyes.


Reima sighs, "Fine, I've needed to get around to doing it anyway." he mutters, just before he's crushed in a tight hug courtesy of the young spider/crab/dragon/human/demon.

Vesemir chuckles at the side as he watches them, remembering old times with previous Witcher children or even indeed Geralt with Reima and Ciri.