Easy Cultivation
13 Martial Inten
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Easy Cultivation
Author :ILikeMangoes
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13 Martial Inten




"Me?" Ling Sen was stunned.

"Bang on," Lin An made a thumbs-up.

Ling Sen calmed himself and said coolly, "Lin An, was it? I do not seem to remember us having met before."

"That's only natural. That's why I came here to see you, so we could meet each other." Lin An said as a matter of fact before hurriedly adding, "No homo, by the way."


"Ling Sen, I hereby challenge you to a duel!"

"Ah?" Ling Sen said in surprise, "You came here to challenge me?"

"Of course, but a challenge without stakes is no fun. How about we make a bet?"

"A bet, you say?" Ling Sen thought for a moment and asked, "What kind of bet?"

"Nothing much. If you win..." Lin An pulled out his spatial ring and tossed it over, "Everything there will be yours."

Ling Sen caught nimbly and sent his soul force to investigate. Shock immediately filled his cold heart, "What?!"

Lin An continued nonchalantly, "But if I win, you be my subordinate AND have that as well."

Realization suddenly dawned on Ling Sen's usually cold face, "So that's how it was."

Lin An grinned and sent a true essence sound transmission, "As the publically-acclaimed number one disciple in the Seven Profound Martial House, your pride obviously won't let you submit to me so willingly. But then again, money talks."

A wry expression formed on Ling Sen's face as he said emotionlessly, "You speak as if you got everything in the bag. Do you really think you can win?"

"I don't think so," Lin An smiled calmly, "I know so."

Following which, Lin An's aura erupted.

Peak of Bone Forging, the Fifth Stage of Body Transformation!

A collective gasp rang from the crowd.

Ling Sen's pupils shrank. What a formidable aura!

"What will it be?" Lin An said coolly.

"Will you fight, or will you back away?"

Ling Sen suddenly felt pressured. Although he was only at the peak of Altering Muscle at the moment, he could jump ranks and even fight evenly against a master in the early Pulse Condensation Period.

But Lin An was different. Despite being only one entire stage below Lin An, Ling Sen felt crushed and overwhelmed, something he'd never before felt from any other Bone Forging martial artist or even someone in the Pulse Condensation Period.

He now knew that victory was hopeless. However, even if he couldn't win, his heart of martial arts wasn't willing to back down! Moreover, he really wanted the contents of the spatial ring...

"Very well. Let's fight!"

"Good!" Lin An turned to the male supervisor, "Can you be the referee?"

"..." What did other choice did he have? This Lin An was too monstrous and he didn't want to offend him. In addition, he also had the others send a message to the elders and the only reply he got was to wait and see.

What the heck? Someone's poaching our talents and you just want me to wait and see? Screw your granddaddy!

In a short while, the crowded square formed an empty circle around the combatants.

Unwillingly, the male supervisor began to speak a few simple rules and announced.

"Battle, start!"

"Slaughter Domain!" Since Ling Sen knew he couldn't clash head-on, he directly used his most powerful trump card.

Immediately, the audience vanished, all went quiet, and the sky turned a dim bleak gray. Lin An arrived in a completely new and strange world.

All around him, endless rocky outcroppings dotted the world. Between giant rocks, there were bottomless pits exuding a limitless yin cold, seeming to lead to an abyss. And from this abyss, hungry ghosts constantly crawled out and joined the countless Ashura Devils that hid behind these rocks.

"So this is your martial intent..." Lin An muttered in interest, "The Ashura martial intent!"

This was the first time Lin An had ever faced a martial intent attack and he was understandably excited.

There were all kinds of martial intents, but only a rare few would ever actually get one, because to possess a martial intent, one needed an extremely firm heart of martial arts.

This was far more valuable than a high-grade martial talent! What more, this was a martial intent that especially cultivated battle!

If he could groom this even further...

Lin An's breaths suddenly turned heavy.

As this happened, Ling Sen suddenly thought he found a golden opportunity. In that moment, the countless Ashura Devils ferociously swarmed over to Lin An.

"Oh, dear. This is no time for daydreaming." Lin An smiled leisurely and let out his own domain.

Lin An's aura wildly scattered outwards and stuck into every part of the illusory world. In that moment, the bleak gray world suddenly showed varying shades of jade.

Lin An snapped his fingers.
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Immediately, hundreds of spatial distortions surfaced all around Lin An as the center. In the next moment, the indistinct howls of countless beasts rang out as jade-colored soul beasts of all shapes and sizes leapt out from the distortions one by one.

As the vicious beasts in soul form saw the approaching swarm of hungry devils, they roared and leaped forward, beginning a not-so-bloody massacre.

All of a sudden, an all-out war broke out.

A chaotic mixture of sounds broke out as thousands of Ashura Devils were cut down by the second, leaving behind a trail of jade-like body parts everywhere.

The soul beasts' reinforcements were also seemingly endless and completely nullified the Ashura Devils' only advantage...

Lin An was fascinated by the scenery as the world was slowly overtaken with heavier shades of jade. Before long, the bleak world was showings signs of instability.

"Ah, what a shame." Lin An sighed at the one-sided massacre. He was just too strong, his cultivation strongly influenced the power of the jade soul beasts and the power of his infectious aura.

In the end, he raised a hand and summoned massive clouds of white jade...

"Jade Emperor Martial Intent - Imperial Sword!"

The jade white clouds swirled into a massive vortex, slowly revealing a massive jade white sword with a jade green hilt.


The massive sword thrust straight to the earth, followed by a reverberating boom that swept across the illusory world and shattered it completely.

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