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77 B-u-t-t-o-c-k!



Li Lian was dealing with wave after wave of agitation and anger. How could someone act like it was all a normal day when he spent all day killing and abusing people . He was no god for that matter. What right did he then have to decide who could leave or not leave? Was he the one who made people? No.

Exactly why she was not supposed to become empress, otherwise she was going to wield all her power to ensure that he was demoted to scraps. He was not going to set foot in the palace ever again if it was up to her. He broke all the rules; unabashedly pursued her, a palace maid who was off limits, and once the other time he did speak treasonous words against the emperor.

"My Lord…" Mole eunuch began.

All the rest of his words went into one ear and left through the other as Li Lian's concentration was seized by who stood behind the Grand General.

Luo Meng was getting up after the training procession. The man was the emperor's personal shadow guard who went everywhere with the dragon. If he was right in front of her that meant that the emperor was somewhere around in vicinity.

Li Lian rushedly brushed her dress as if it would straighten it best, brushed her hair with her fingertips and took a few breaths in absent mindedness preparation.
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"What is wrong with you?" She was brought back to earth by the Grand General looking at her like she had lost her mind. He was standing right in front of her, too close. Li Lian took a step back to set the distance. She would not have anyone assume that a relationship existed between them.

"Leave me alone," she lowly said through her gritted teeth. The few that heard her gasped in disbelief. Few whispers of disdain followed right after.

Yeah, they knew best to judge someone who was rude over a murderer. What double standards were those?

Immediately, he sharply ordered, "Everyone leave."

The entourage began to scramble away, glad to be excused from his presence. Li Lian was about to move along when he grabbed her wrist possessively twirling her to be face to face with him. She was mad with boiling anger that she was not aware of what she did until she heard 'smack'!

Her hand was hot from the harsh touch, and that is when she knew that both wanting so, but unintentionally so, she had slapped him hard. She glared at him wide eyed, heart beating at her mistake.

His face did not flinch a bit but she saw the ferocity of his eyes-blazing red-and knew what was to come.

It was not proper for a man to hit a woman but this was not any other man. Standing in front of her was a man who already killed one palace maid and had another have her lips sewn together. So why would he hesitate to hit her?

He took a step back, then suddenly, without warning, he fiercely swung his arm toward her, with his fingers clawed out like he was squeezing a non-existent ball. Right off the bet she could tell that he was using the tiger attack. This was the only animal technique in gongfu that was savagery, dominating for the kill. Other animal techniques had a backlog defense but this was attack all the way and left no space for failure.

She reflexed back in alert and by breath of air, just managed to avoid his attack. But he was not letting her escape him so easily. He then aimed for her chest like he wanted to rip her heart out.

Forget being a strong woman. She was afraid for her life. The beast before her was all offense and with her limited skill, she wouldn't last.

Breathlessly, she ducked down and he easily followed through at her trickery. Her current nemesis clutched her bicep, toiled her over then bang, he hit her to the ground. She was ready to scream when...


No pain crept in and paralysed her body. No part of her trembled because pain circuited her back. There was simply no pain.

Her mouth opened in shock, catching the Grand General who was over her, smirking. Oh, she was so confused, whether that had been his fun ploy towards her or he was really angry.

"What… How…" She could not find any words to express herself.

Common sense wise, it is not possible for something to be thrown at the ground and there be no pain, right? Then how was it possible that she didn't feel anything?

"Come with me," He lifted her and threw her on his shoulder, her hands flailing in the air, waist bent on his shoulder.

"What? Let me down!" Li Lian screamed while punching his back in frustration. "Let me go!"

She had no idea where in the world was he taking her. She was just a disposable doll bent over, her legs recklessly swinging with each step he took.

"Calm down," he growled, a sharp stinging spank landing on her buttock.

"Did you just smack my…"


It's buttock Li Lian.

Though she wouldn't say such a word. Imagine Mistress Kei's face, priotonising her for being a brute if she spoke about private parts in front of a noble.

Li Lian was tired from hitting the man who was made of rock. She could feel all the blood pooling to her head making her light headed because of her position.

What was the use of protesting? She might as well surrender to being a victim.

But imagine the image of her swaying on Grand General's shoulder if the emperor was to catch them? Oh heavens, have mercy.