66 Grand General“s Empress
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Author :Sunset_Vermont
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66 Grand General“s Empress




The palace maids that were cleaning Le-anne took their dished water, medicine and utensils, before leaving. Le-anne felt better after being changed into another sleeping garment and getting half bathed, though her temperature was bothersome.

She was flushing hot for the past few days. What was wrong with her?

What agitated her more were the happenings of the afternoon. What in the world did the Grand General think to want to take her with him?

She had woken up to find him staring down at her with a guarded gaze.

'Oh no, he has been watching me sleep,' she was suddenly self conscious. People did weird things when asleep. And she did not want him to see her being weird.

He gave her a coy smile, appreciating that she was awake. The Grand General was handsome but so was he also gorgeous in his changpao, with his slick hair tied up to complete the look. He looked nothing like a general without his overrawing robes.

Her wrist lay in his hand as he seemed to be taking her pulse. It was spellbinding to watch him so relaxed and concentrating on her every beat. His long lashes brushed his skin when he closed his eyes to intensify his focus.

When he opened his eyes again, she was greeted by a pair of piercing hazel. Le-anne felt shivers course through her hurting body. Their simple eye contact communicated million of words unspoken.

The other day, Le-anne woke up in his arms after her nightmares and her bottled anger disappeared. How could she resist his kindness, his warm body surrounding her and him feeding her?

But he was treacherous, and her anger was there to help seek revenge. Thus why she rebuilt her 'anger tower' over the days.

Yet with just one look from him on this day too, all her built up walls came crushing, leaving her vulnerable and exposed.

"Empress." His thumb slowly brushed her wrist, kindling waves of desire within her.

She remembered the time she called herself empress, when they were in his bathing chambers at the Military Grounds Camp. He remembered that?

"General." Her voice came out dry than intended.

"I have someone who will treat you, leave this place and come with me." He said it as an order than a request and that's when the cloud of giddiness burst. Grand General had no rights over her life and there he was, getting a hold of her reins.

At the dungeon, he sold her the world, acted like the prince that would rescue her from her dilemma. But he was far from that.

She wanted him to beg.

Beg for her forgiveness, for lying and being misleading. She was worth that much at least. But he didn't bring up the topic like all was well between them. He came to make additional promises when he had a track record of not keeping any.

She was nauseated and talking was laborious, so she shook her head to say no. If his raw scent wasn't intoxicating, she would shake her head with vigor.

But maybe she wanted to go with him wherever he would take her. It would be nice for someone to rescue her from the sorrowful life that she lived for other people's benefit.

The Grand General drew his head closer to hers. His breath had a pungent smell of wine. Probably, he was a little drunk.
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Or not?

She didn't wish to have their moments together forgotten.

"Why can't you?" He stared at her in a challenging manner, as if saying he knew that she was contemplating going with.

"Because... I don't want to." She was searching for excuses when it came to mind that it was Grand Consort Shu's quarters that they were in. Any minute her mistress could walk in and find them like that, head to head.

She rushedly pushed him away from her and he scowled.

"You are feeling it aren't you?" He smirked with arrogance. "I know you want me as much as I do."

"Leave me alone," she took her hand from his clutch and he glared at her like a deeply hurt puppy.

Grand General was one not to give up though. "Little Fox, I want you with me."

"You want me in your bed," she corrected.

"Yes, but are we not grown ups to sort this out?"

"Bastard." That's what he was from the beginning. She turned around and gave her back to him. He was keen on using her and expected her to be fine with it.

"You will not talk to me like that, and don't you dare give me your back again!" he snapped as he pulled her to face him. "I hate it when you do that." His eyes wore a glint of fury.

She didn't care about what he loved or hated. Le-anne wanted him gone before her mistress walked in and threw a tantrum based on misunderstandings.

"No I will not come with you," she yelled, her head ramming from the effort, "and stop bullying me into saying otherwise."

"Damn it!" he cursed and rushly stood up. She hated how good he looked when he was angry, and still possessed his confident gait.

How was it that they were not in a relationship but already it was like they were a quibbling couple? He slammed the door and she heard some glasses crush on the floor from the passageway.

His anger had no bounds.

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