64 Sleeping Beauty And I
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Author :Sunset_Vermont
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64 Sleeping Beauty And I




Little Fox was pure torment in Shen Hong's thoughts and sleep. And what was tolerable about it was that, unlike with Elora, he could do something to rectify the matter.

"Where is her sick maid?" he inquired, because he was in want to see her. Actually he desired to see her. Maybe it could ease his heart and also put his thoughts to rest.

One palace maid looked down shyly. This was probably the only time she would ever get to speak to the emperor or be addressed by him. "Li Lian is resting in Grand Consort Shu's bed chambers, Your Majesty."

Little Fox's real name was Li Lian? Elora was his lotus. Lian means lotus. And they looked similar. Perhaps what attracted him to Little Fox was their similarity. It was not her he desired then, but Elora he missed.

He walked into the quarters with his hand up for his entourage not to follow behind. This irritated Eunuch Nam who wanted to be in all places the emperor was to freely serve his needs, but Shen Hong preferred privacy with Little Fox. Only Luo Meng walked in and led him to where Little Fox was since he had been there before.

Grand Consort Shu's quarters were a maze of different chambers. He admired the different paintings that his mother had along the passageway walls. They were of flowers and trees drawn to captivate the admirer.

Before Shen Hong entered, he instructed Luo Meng to help remove his imperial robes, leaving him in white silky inner robes. It was not yet time for Little Fox to find out that he was the emperor. He enjoyed her ignorance of this fact because it allowed her rowdy behavior. Without doubt, she wouldn't act like that if she knew that he was the revered emperor of Nevoria.

Luo Meng stood outside the chamber. From working for him for years, he knew where he was not wanted.

"Is everything alright?" Shen Hong observed his shadowing guard who seemed edgy.

"Yes, Your Majesty," Luo Meng flatly replied.

The chamber was the definition of Grand Consort Shu's character, red and white. She was hot to a specific few and cold to the rest.

Her chamber was simply a large bed, wooden cabinets on each side of the bed with books on top and chairs by the cabinet. All that did not matter except for the bed that held his desire. His Little Fox.

Shen Hong smiled, quite baffled that his mother let a palace maid sleep with her. If it was heard of, she would be looked down on all the more. What was special about Little Fox that she was willing to risk her reputation?

Above the bed, the wall had a huge painting of him sitting on his huge throne, and dominating. It was the painting which resembled his appearance when he got crowned as emperor. It was beautiful and his chest warmed, though it would be breathtaking if his face was on it. The painting showed his backside, hands pinned on his back and him gazing through the window.

The place was nicely lit with sunshine that beamed on Little Fox's pale skin. The emotions were not easily hidden on her striking face. Her pain was evident in the crease of her lovely brow and the down-curve of her whitening lips. There were no bruises that one would not believe that she had been roughed up a few weeks ago. She was marvelous, a sleeping beauty indeed.

"Ple.. please, let me go." He heard the hushed whisper coming from her soft tender lips. Little Fox was under the white covers of Grand Consort Shu's bed.

Naughty girl. She was dreaming of him touching her and worshipping her body. He smirked at the possibility of him not being the only one going insane with infatuation.

"Let me go!" She tossed and turned, restless in her sleep.

Shen Hong's eyebrow rose when she began to fight with herself, clutching the covers, her veins imprinted on her hands. She shrieked then quickly rolled, falling on the ground.

He winced for her but she continued to grumble and coil on the ground. He wondered what kind of nightmare she might be having.

He crept to her and gently touched her, afraid she would hurt herself further. It tugged his feelings to watch her so fragile and in despair.

"Don't touch me!" she yelled, violently pulling away from him which had her hit the cabinet with her forehead.

He forcefully dragged her into a back seated hug, but she fought him. She huffed to release herself from his hold with her feet waving in the air. Determined, he strengthened his hold to overpower her small body and have her steady in his hands.

"Don't hurt me," she trembled. Blood was drained from her face leaving a ghostly look. To be precise she was almost identical to the white bed cover.

He saw something he'd never seen on her. The replica on many people he was about to kill. Fear.

"I will not hurt you," he softly whispered, which had her eyes open. They were a deep pool of apprehensive gold, a sea of hopeless despondency. It took time for recognition to dawn on them.

He felt a surge of relief swell inside when she softly tugged his robe.

"I'm scared," she murmured.

He gently kissed her bruised forehead, red from hitting the cabinet. Her eyelashes dropped to his touch and he felt her relax. She was hot to the touch in his arms. This made him suspect that a fever was the cause of her nightmares

He shifted her into his arms and carried her, princess style, back into bed. She was lighter than he expected but the bed surged at their combined weight.

Shen Hong liked having her so close, and her depending on him at her frailty. He wanted to lull her out of her fears.

Without allowing a moment to pass, she cuddled into his arms, still breathing erratically fast. Her actions highlighted him as someone who would protect her.
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His breath hitched in surprise and it took much to gain control of himself.

Not on his chest. Anything but his chest. When she was anyway near his chest, it did things to him.

Shen Hong's palm skimmed up and down her wet back to calm her. The white satin sleeping robe of hers was wet from sweat. He breathed her in like a starved animal. Her womanly scent was teasing his senses which made her irresistible.

"Summon a palace maid to bring fresh sleeping garments and a cup of milk." His voice was octave, reverberating through the room for Luo Meng to follow through.

Two palace maids came in and Shen Hong walked to the window to give his back to them. He respected a woman's privacy and would rather see Little Fox naked for the first time when he was hot and hard for her, ready to take her.

They wiped her clean and changed her and it was half an hour later when they left. He looked back to see her tiredly lying down, breathing slowly and dozing.

"Don't sleep yet." He took the milk from the cabinet by the bed.

Her heavy lidded eyes observed the milk then she shook her head.

"Would you like water instead?"

Again she shook her head.

He settled in bed and lifted her to rest on him. That was where she belonged. With him. Intimately together, they would make fire because she was the perfect fit in every sense.

"If you don't drink anything, you will dehydrate," he wheedled her into drinking. She faintly took multiple sips then closed her eyes to object further drinking.

He didn't force her.

It was within a few minutes when her breathing evened that he decided to leave to attend to his impending work. He moved just an inch but she held his wrist back, refusing his departure.

"Don't leave," she mumbled, snuggling close to him. More heat radiated from her small body.

He examined her blue-black hand that rounded his wrist tightly. His heart squeezed at the sight of it, an unusual feeling engrossing him. It was a heavy feeling relating to him feeling bad for being the cause of her suffering. He was contending with a feeling and he didn't know what it was called. It was unfamiliar.

"I won't leave," he sincerely replied but grimaced due to an afterthought. He was making another promise he could not keep.

Shen Hong freed his hand from her grip and wrapped his arm around her while hers moved around his torso, warm and soft. She was a drug he craved every time he got close to her. His hand traced her smooth skin and trailed down her silky braided hair. Each thing about Little Fox was bewitching.

"Your Majesty," Eunuch Nam used the tone that meant that he was delaying his schedule. His work was imminent and it could not wait because the following week he was going to be in YiYuan. He looked at her and she looked enchanting sleeping so peacefully. It was enjoyable to watch her.

He moved fraction by fraction and luckily got out of her grip without stirring her awake. It was sad to leave her but his heart was not hers after all. Elora came first and Little Fox was just a fling that his body lusted after. She would be rubbish to him when he got tired of her. Little Fox would not be the first woman who he chased and later discarded anyway.

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