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56 Drinking To Forge



"I'm so bored," Yang Liu dragged the words as she pursed her lips tediously. She reached for one of the books that carelessly lay on the floor and threw it, hitting General Feng on the forehead.

"My Prince?" His eyes were intensely concentrated on the bamboo scroll he was reading, as he asked this. He sat on one of the long narrow aisles of the huge Imperial library while Yang Liu lay on the floor by his side, her head resting on both of her palms.

With both legs crossed, he studied on military tactics and war strategies in preparation for the generals meet-ups that now consisted of heavily strategizing against Gurio.

If the emperor was to mention something in the books and his generals didn't know it, his unpredictable temper could threaten their jobs. Gurio and Nevoria both had bad blood between them, though it was more turbulent if compared with Huticah since the crime of poisoning the fallen dragon was extremely abominable than just touching a mere princess.

Princess Yang Liu had found General Feng walking to the library then tagged along, promising not to say a word that would disturb him, which was now the opposite.

"General Feng, when will you have me out of this mundane place? I have been locked up in the palace for so long," she accused. "I have not gone to the fields for sight-seeing, eaten restaurant food or walked in the market. This is so frustrating."

"When our prince gets well, this subject will escort him outside the palace."

"But I have been well for so long. Please get me out of here." Yang Liu moaned.

"Still too early. Prince Kuan Hui to rest first," he insisted.

"I will die, I will die and General Feng will be responsible," she groaned.

It was a while later after her ridiculous outbursts that they were walking down the bustling streets of the market. Since it was the [1]rooster hour, part time businesses were closing and retiring home for rest.

She loved the feel of the Nevorian streets. Women giggled hand in hand dressed to go watch a night performance somewhere, lovers looked into each other's eyes, probably meeting after a long day of work and teenagers on the brink to be of age ran up and down excitedly.

"There!" Yang Liu grabbed the general's hand in delight. "It's my favourite restaurant. Spoil me for a meal?"

General Feng stiffened. "Lovers restaurant?"

Yang Liu scratched her head, thinking of an excuse. "It's just a name, General. I promise that you will find their food to be tasty like no other." A promise for a place she had never been to but she wanted to be there anyway, because it was her dream that he become her lover. She pushed him over to the restaurant.

His head shook anxiously, sweat gathering on his forehead. "My prince, they will think we are lovers."

"What? No!" She smiled grimly at the young girl that stood by the door, ogling at the General with sultry eyes.

"Get us a private table," she ordered and to this they were led up the stairs of the red themed place into a more private space that was meant for nobles. It was empty with just the two of them, although there were more tables that could accommodate more customers. It was barely deep night for the place to be busy.

"I would like some water," she ordered after they were well set. She would not just take anything when she was still recovering.

"Wine for me, please," General Feng asked after her.

General Feng loved alcohol. Everytime he started to drink, he relaxed himself in it, becoming a person who was not trapped within the walls of doctrum, duty and obligation. This was the one thing Yang Liu would admit to not liking about him. He liked drinking, presumably more than he liked her.

"Young master!" A woman putting on a red hanfu and heavy make-up coiled her hand around General Feng's hand. Yang Liu could feel her claws scratch out. General was her intended love, no one must touch him before her.

Another lady in pink vined herself around Yang Liu, kissing her cheek. Hairs on the back of her neck rose objectively, and she pushed away the woman in disgust. They should have set below and not at a place meant for nobles since courtesans were provided as surcharge service on their section of the restaurant.

"We are married men," Yang Liu rebuked.

"Young master!" They whined and played around with their scarves.

"I'm not married," General Feng undressed the lady in red with his eyes and winked. She blushed scarlet at his attention and pumped up her cleavage.

"General Feng!" Yang Liu seethed. Jealousy was boiling her blood hot with forebodance.

He did not hear, distracted by the woman who was absurdly showing off what she couldn't-her womanly assets. That was what she had too but was just the same as one not having them. What was the use of having something that nobody could see, even the one she liked?

She wanted his attention back on her. It was where his eyes belonged.

"General Feng, tonight we drink off! If I win, these women leave," she challenged and he turned to her. He liked drinking more than women too.

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He checked out the woman again in contemplation but his answer was pretty obvious.

"If I win, I will have her as my price and you will pay for it," he smirked and clasped his hands together at chest level, lowering his head. Generals sealed a deal using the empire's salutation.

What? No. Her tolerance for alcohol was not as good as his. What if he won?

"Deal." She also clasped her hands and lowered her head. She would drink with him to forget the love she held for him.


[1] Roster hour = 5pm to 7pm