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11 A Different Kind Of General




Without thinking twice, Princess Le-anne took a sharp turn and saw a built man having his back towards her. He turned around in panic, not expecting her and meteorically, she sprung him around and knocked him to the floor.

"Who dares to intrude this manor?" she adjured, her knees pressing onto his chest while her hand clenched his neck.

"Greetings to her Royal Highness..." he tried to speak.

"General Feng?" she frowned and pulled off the hat of his cloak. They had once met two years ago and until now he had not changed a bit. She loosened her grip and pulled him up.

"General Feng greets her..."

She put her finger on his lips to silence him. Looking around, she almost reached for his hand but retracted. He blushed at her touch, the only man who she had held hands with was Brother Hu-go and she intended to keep it that way. She waved her hand back and forth, gesturing him to shadow her.

They took the back entrance and snuck into one of the empty servants' room.

"General Feng greets―"

"Don't stand on ceremony."

"May her Royal Highness forgive me for meeting you this late, I could not find the right time."

"All is well, General is a busy man," the princess smiled kindly.

"Not busy to meet with her Royal Highness."

There is nothing that could beat General Feng's loyalty. For years his clan had served Huticah in secret. They were distant cousins of the royal family, her father had once told her. General Feng was tall in appearance and his body well-built and muscular which imposed fear but his face was one of kindness. He had coffee brown soft eyes, a squared jaw and wildly arched eyebrows. Any lady's heart would beat fast in his presence but Le-anne's did not falter.

"General Feng, if I fail to catch his Majesty's eye when we perform the Summer Festival dance, will another opportunity arise?"

He sheepishly stared at the floor. "Yes, your Royal Highness."

Of course, there would be but she was not a woman who easily missed the target. One shot had to go for the kill.

Awkward silence filled the small room.

"Is her Royal Highness comfortable here?" he questioned with concern eminent in his eyes.

"Mistress Han has been accommodating." She stopped herself from smiling. Mistress Han was definitely more accommodating compared to the sore Mistress Kei.

He seemed to debate with himself before speaking, "It would be wise if her Highness wears her veil at all times, especially when she gets into the palace." He shifted uncomfortably, taking account of her unmasked face.

This reminded her of her father.

"General Feng, can beauty be stolen?"

"No, your Highness," he responded precariously, "but it would make recognizing you easier for my men."

For his men? So it was not just her who was doing this. How many others were also spying the Nevorian palace? It seemed like she was not free from her father's controlling tactics and this made her obligations all the more burdensome.

"Very well, I shall honour your wish." She tried not to think much of it.

"Then I shall be on my way." He bowed, his fist by his waist. This was a salutation done by Huticah men.

"General Feng, please describe the Emperor for me." She stopped his departure.

"I don't think he is the man you'd like to understand... "

She repeated the question to him, determined to have some kind of picture in her mind.

"He is... respectable, cares for his people, follows the ways of his father than any teachings but also ruthless, fearless and short tempered. He is not a respecter of life." He answered quicker than she had expected.

An emperor who allowed slave trade obviously did not respect lives.

"One more thing."

"Anything for her Royal Highness."

"I have an assignment for you and I'm asking you to take this with as much seriousness as you can." Princess Le-anne turned around and looked at the wall, deep in thought. General Feng would surely be able to find the man who stole from her as enquiring about the General in charge of the Mountain Dura camp had to be kid's work for him.

Maybe finding her pendant would not be like looking for a needle in the hay, after all.