The next day Amadeus was brought out of the place and brought to a temple behind the palace. It wasn't a large temple, but it felt right, not too big and not too small. It was covered in white jade tiles, with inscriptions of dragons here and there. There were two dragons that guarded the entrance with solemn looks on their faces. They bowed slightly at Amadeus and his father, letting them through.

Caesar was already waiting for them alongside another old woman. She had a hair full of white hair and wrinkles covering her face. Her cold eyes increased the stoic look on her face, looking like it wouldn't even change if the sky collapsed. She had a simple wooden walking cane to support her and she seemed to blend with her surroundings.

'I've met a lot of old people…'

Caesar immediately picked Amadeus up and showed him to the old woman like a trophy.

"What do you think of my grandson?"

He had a silly smile on his face like a child showing of their parents something they won. Amadeus then went along with his grandfather and gave his trademark innocent smile. The woman's look seemed to warm up with it before sending her cane right beneath Amadeus' family jewels and hitting Caesar's stomach, throwing him right out the temple. The guards outside, sweat-dropped a little before averting their eyes, they couldn't see such a character's pathetic display.

Amadeus just felt a slight breeze between his leg before a sense of weightlessness. Before he could drop onto the floor, the old woman waved her walking stick at him and brought him closer. Amadeus couldn't think why he was slightly levitating of the ground as the old woman opened her eyes, revealing her pure white eyes.

She seemed to be blind, but Amadeus could feel her gazing into his very soul. Before anyone could do anything, Caesar dragged his body back before shouting,

"Ancestor! How could you be so mean?!"

Surprisingly, this woman was Amadeus' ancestor. Looking at her, Amadeus didn't know what to say as the woman looked at her most lacking in the head department descendant then back at Amadeus,

"Just call me Granny."

Amadeus nodded while nervously complying,


Hearing that, the aura surrounding her warmed considerably before it returned to a stoic one. Nodding, she everyone apart from Baldrik and Caesar ordered,

"All of you leave, I'll be personally getting Amadeus his class."

They all seem shocked hearing that but didn't say anything and left with wide smiles. It was the same for the other Caesar and Baldrik, they were first shocked which was then replaced by a joyous smile.

She then set Amadeus down,

"Follow me."

Giving a simple instruction, she started walking with Amadeus following. Before he knew it, they were in front of an alter with a gigantic statue of a golden dragon. What was different was that it had two more horns on its head and Amadeus could see the lights of the statue flickering. As he was gazing at the statue, Granny's voice brought him out of his thoughts,

"I've only got someone's class for one person, that was for the first ever golden dragon, my husband."

Amadeus was shocked by this as he heard this revelation. This woman seemed to be really old. He turned to look back and saw the two emperor's goofy smile and realised that they hadn't heard anything. Before Granny could continue, Amadeus saw her eye twitch before the cane was brought to greet his head. Rubbing his head, he looked up all teary-eyed seeing Granny's stern eyes,

"Thinking something bad about me?"

Amadeus shivered at the old woman's intuition as he just remained silent,

"Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, you would be the second person that I would be doing this."

This explained everyone's shocked faces. Amadeus looked at her,


"The idiot Caesar reported your status at the Altar back at the clan and my husband immediately sent me to give you a class."

Seeing Amadeus' confused look,

"My husband is the current Dragon God. Back then, although dragons were the strongest of all the races, we were still hunted by the gods for trophies. Although there were strong ones among us, we were too scattered. Every part of our body was extremely valuable, from out whiskers to the scales on our tales, everything. Some of them wanted it for their collections while others wanted it for armours and the like. Seeing this brutality, your ancestor rallied the dragons and warred the gods for a total of a hundred years. Many gods and dragons died then but ultimately, we won. He got a seat next to the major gods and has protected our race from the gods since then."

It took some time for Amadeus to digest this information, but it seemed that Granny had no intentions of stopping,

"Now the only way for gods to get their hands on dragons is through their believers but that has come to an all-time low since the kingdom was established. However, suddenly, one day, all the goddesses made visits with all the dragons remains they had with gifts of apologies. My husband was first confused but let it be, he was happy seeing many of our brethren's remains returned to them. It's not like we could forgive them, but their sincerity left no other choice. What followed was for his confusion to return until we got your grandfather's report. Finding out the reason, he immediately sent me for you to get your class."

Looking at the statue, she hit its eyes and Amadeus could swear he heard a scream of pain.

"A pact was made that stopped gods from directly interfering with mortals. Also, we are currently facing an outside threat, so gods are needed to make sure that the gods from that place won't interfere with the fights of mortals."

Amadeus was even more shocked,

"Outside threat?"

"Yeah, we are not alone in this vast universe of realms. While this realm belongs to us, doesn't mean we are safe from the attacks of other realms. That's why you will be talking the throne early, ancient dragons are needed immediately if the situation takes a wrong turn, hence the agreement."

Amadeus just nodded trying to sort out his chaotic thoughts.

"This is one of the reasons, and you would have received countless benefits receiving all the goddess' blessings."

Amadeus felt like a robot whose job was to just nod at everything Granny said. Granny stayed silent for a brief period before continuing,

"That agreement has, from hereon, been voided. Even if you turn into an ancient dragon doesn't necessarily mean that you would be forced to abdicate, but we would prefer, if you stayed on your throne for some more time, seeing an invasion is just over the horizon."

'So, a war is nigh.'

Amadeus just deeply exhaled, as he felt a massive responsibility weighed down upon his shoulders. Although he was from a family of general's in his past life and he loved reading about historical wars with cold weapons, he still had doubts if he could lead an army. He knew that he would be sending men to their deaths and they would gladly follow as they were soldiers. He realised that the crown came with a burden no man can think of, except for the ones that sat on the thrones. Not those false ones that thought it as a glory and used it for nefarious purposes, but the proper ones that cared for their populace.

Amadeus was no doubt the latter and he knew that war was cruel, he would have to make difficult decisions. But that was all to come. At that moment, Amadeus made a choice, he would fight on the frontlines and lead the army himself, rather than just sit back and give orders. Why, because he was a dragon. It didn't sit right with him.

Seeing the look on Amadeus' eyes and the slight grin that radiated adrenaline, Granny gave a nod of approval at the seven-year-old. She then walked forward and ignored the look of appreciation on the dragon statue's eyes as she activated a formation. Amadeus was brought out of his thoughts when he saw a pure white door open.

"Step in and choose your class. It would radiate with your soul, and you can only pick one, so choose carefully."

Amadeus nodded and stepped into a blank world that was the definition of purity. The was a light blue sky that shined brightly, looking down, he seemed to be stepping on a water like surface, that rippled every time he took a step. Surrounding him were countless orbs of lights that swarmed over and revolved around him eager to be chosen.

When he looked closer, he saw the class name and a brief description of what it entailed. Realising that they were classes he started looking through them. There were two colours, one for normal classes and the other for unique ones. Unique ones weren't necessarily stronger than normal ones, but there could only be one of each at any given time. The latter shined in a more goldish colour than the normal that shined white.

Amadeus was spoilt for choice:

Magic swordsmen: One who mastered the art of sword and the manipulation of elements

Magician: One who manipulates the elements to one's will

Knight: One who walks the path of justice

Assassin: One who lurks in the shadows

There were even support classes,

Healer: One who heals the wounded

Blacksmith: One who sculpts weapons and armours

Alchemist: One who created potion to help or to destroy

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There were even unique ones though, either ones that he was suitable were already taken or he just wasn't suitable for them. Amadeus looked through all of them but couldn't find the right one. There were none that he felt resonated with him. As he was looking round, he felt a tug in his heart and looked in a certain direction.

There it was, a lone pure golden class orb just stood there, exuding majesty. It felt beneath itself for throwing himself at Amadeus' feet like the others. It just hovered there, waiting for Amadeus to approach. That was indeed what Amadeus did and extended his hand, inspecting the orb. There was only a single word, no description, but just one single word,


It needed no explanation as the explanation was the class title itself. Amadeus felt his soul resonate like nothing before, he knew it was the right class, he just knew it. The other class orbs didn't approach the two and hovered back to place. They were only slightly sentient but had nothing like emotions. If they think that they have found the right person to assimilate with, then they would approach them. They would leave if that person chose something else.

Amadeus saw the golden orb slowly fly into his chest and immediately felt himself getting stronger. A change in quality is what it was. His bloodline got purer, his soul was purer, everything changed right down to his roots. He even felt like he had become more good looking.

Seeing the door open, he went through with confident steps, unlike his steps before, these ones brought with him an aura of majesty. His eyes radiated confidence and proudness, with a hint of arrogance. Walking out, what followed wasn't a look of awe from his elders but rather a walking stick.

Granny immediately felt the arrogance exuded by the youngster and brandished her walking stick. With one walking stick hitting the back of his head, causing him to fall forward, a quick succession of hit followed in greeting his bottom. At first, his pride was wounded deeply and immediately turned into a dragon, but the exact same thing happened, he was beaten black and blue. He scales were torn off with the hits and blood poured out spreading across the floor. His regeneration kicked in as his scales and blood started returning to his body, but if one scale followed, two would be broken off and if one drop of blood returned, a bucket full would leave his body.

His father and grandfather turned away from his howls of misery and admired one of the painting depicting the war between the dragons and gods. Outside of the temple, it was the same situation as his mother and grandmother looked worried but they weren't allowed in due to the orders of Granny.