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Mo Wang other hand wandered to her crotch area, that was slightly moist, and a lewd scent could be smelled from it.

His finger lightly touched her lower-mouth, as his middle finger and fore-finger slide in her pussy, his finger gently massaged her inner flesh with utmost care. He didn't strongly stirred her pussy, instead his two fingers formed a 'hook', that gently scraped her inner flesh, as her pussy put pressure on his fingers, opening and closing in rejection, trying to get rid of foreign object.

Causing a flood of love juices in her pussy, you could hear wet sound from her pussy, as she rubbed her thighs together.

Feeling her pussy had become wet enough. He took his fingers out, but her pussy clamped onto his finger like her pussy didn't want to let go of his fingers.

He took out his fingers covered in clear liquid that made glisten, and brought them near Shao Xinyi lip, drops of clear liquid dripped on red lips. He didn't say anything to Shao Xinyi, only gazed at her.

Shao Xinyi opened her mouth, and licked his finger covered in her love juices, with her pink tongue. She took the fingers in her mouth and sucked on them.

Mo Wang was enjoying himself, as he looked at the face of Shao Xinyi, that showed not even slightest bit of her graceful bearing, her eyes blurred with carnal pleasure, as she  gazed at Mo Wang with desire.

"Do you want something!" he asked with a playful smile on his face.

Shao Xinyi had felt an itch in her private part. So, she was going to give in! When she noticed Mo Wang calm eyes, through it delighted her, there was no fear in his eyes.

But from the start, there were no change in his expression, other than the playful smile on his face.

Only to remember, whenever he gazed at Xie Yun his gaze would soften, a sour taste spread through her mouth, and a bitter jealousy enveloped her heart. She wanted Mo Wang to look at her with same gaze! Only her!

Even if she wanted it. Mo Wang wasn't the obedient type and Xie Yun wouldn't easily give up her husband. she thought of something as her eyes sparkled like jewels.

She quickly pinned Mo Wang hands down on bed, as she licked his neck. The effect of evil energy had already worn out five minutes ago! But Mo Wang was caught off sudden, since Shao Xinyi showed no signs of struggle. When the effects of evil energy had worn out?

"Let's make a wager, Mo Wang if you lose. You will have to become my lover, and only my lover for your entire life." She peeled his cloths away, revealing a part of his chest. She sniffed his masculine scent like she wanted to engrave it in her soul and mind.

This scent gives her a strangely comfortable feeling like till she was with Mo Wang. No body, in this heaven and earth will be able to harm her. She laughed at her own idiotic thoughts as a bitter smile formed on her face.

She treated it as nothing more than as some strange reaction because of her arousal. She didn't need somebody to protect herself, her strength was more than enough to protect herself.

The only reason she felt desire for Mo Wang was because he didn't show any fear towards her. In the past, it didn't matter if they were young or old, they will look at her with fear like she was a monster that shouldn't exist.

The places she visited will be abandoned for weeks, or sometimes even for several decades. Of course, she never cared about these things, but after seeing the relationship between Xie Yun and Mo Wang.

Her heart couldn't help, but desire the same relationship as those two. She rubbed her head against Mo Wang chest like kitty cat, she enjoyed this feeling of odd comfort, that she hadn't experienced in a long time.

She had let her guard down, and Mo Wang used that to take control back from Shao Xinyi, he kissed her once more, pouring his evil energy inside her body, as he pressed her down on bed.

"So, I consider it, you are challenging me woman." His was domineering like he monarch as he looked down at the woman, who was being pressed down by him?

Shao Xinyi looked at current Mo Wang, who no longer looked like sixteen year old brat, but a monarch, who treated everything in this world as his plaything.

It only increased the desire inside Shao Xinyi to get this man for herself. She said in a gentle tone "You can treat it like a challenge, if that's what you want? It's a simple wager, Whoever fall in love first loses! If I win you will become mine, and if you win I will offer my heart and my soul to you."