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71 Mischievous Mo Wang

Mo Wang sensed the presence of someone approaching. So, he quickly placed the book in his robe, and went to open the door. 

Only to meet an unexpected guest, it was Shao Xinyi as she still maintained a graceful bearing, with an air of elegance around herself. 

"Can I please talk to you privately?" her tone was firm with no intention of rejection. Mo Wang was going to reject her, but he noticed her eye had a slight tone of pleading. In the past, he would have rejected her. But since he had developed an interest in Seven Tyrants Empress.

He could only nod his head, and take her to another room. He had no intention of being caught by his wife so he tried his best to avoid trouble. But trouble still came knocking at his door. So, he could only take it as far as possible.


Mo Wang sat on the bed with a relaxed demeanour, showing a carefree attitude and said "So, what do you want from me?"

Shao Xinyi raised her eyebrows, but she still maintained a graceful bearing like noble and spoke in a questioning tone "You seriously don't remember, what you did?" 

Of course, Mo Wang knew what she was talking about; but he couldn't help tease her, he rubbed his chin and made a expression like he was in deep thought, than suddenly he stood up with a shocked expression like he had come to a realization.

"I don't know!" He shrugged his shoulder and replied in a flat tone.

This response left Shao Xinyi speechless, her mouth could be seen twitching, with a vein bulging on her forehead.

She spoke in a furious tone, pointing her trembling finger at me "YOU BASTARD!!! took my first kis.."

At the end of her sentence, her voice became barely audible, while her cheeks became red and she lowered her head down. 

"I can't hear you, if you don't speak loud enough." Mo Wang demanded in a firm tone,  as he stared at Shao Xinyi with a playful smile. 

Shao Xinyi had impulse to beat the crap out of this brat, but she didn't lose control of herself,  instead she said in calm voice "You kissed me."

Mo Wang smile grew wider, with a teasing look in his eyes. He said "A mature woman, who also a part of Tyrant Empress wouldn't mind a kiss from a little brat like me. Would you?"

Mo Wang had a innocent expression on his face, as he gazed at Shao Xinyi like some great wrong had been done to him.

Shao Xinyi snorted; but she didn't say anything. If she still said something, it will make her look like a child throwing tantrum. So, she could only grit her teeth and say "I don't mind a kiss from a child like you who still yet grow hair down below."

Mo Wang narrowed his eyes, as the smile on his face become wider "Then proof it."

Before, Shao Xinyi could understand. What was going on? She was pulled into Mo Wang embrace, and her lip were stolen by Mo Wang.

Shao Xinyi eyes widen in surprise, as she opened her mouth in protest. But he pressed his mouth against her, as they both inhale each other breath.

His tongue invaded inside her mouth, exploring her mouth, toying with her pink tongue as it wiggled like snake. He licked across every part of her mouth, drinking her sweet salvia 

Once their lips were separated, she weakly fall on bed, her eyes were blurred, staring with a distant gaze.

Mo Wang planted a gentle kiss on the nap of her neck, as he slowly moved down to her collar-bone.

Her body gives a sudden jerk, as she tried getting up, only to found she couldn't move her body. She glared at Mo Wang.

"Don't give me that resentful look, it isn't my fault." He had subconsciously poured a little bit of evil energy inside her body. That lead to a paralysis. Of course, it will only last for a small amount of time.

As he gently stripped Shao Xinyi of all her clothing, revealing her breast and crotch, her breast could easily fit in one hand. 

"Your skin is quite nice." He traced his finger from her lily hand to her breast, as he drew circle around her cherry pink nipple.


When his fingertip accidentally touched her nipples, a tremor ran through her body and a voice escaped from her lips.

Mo Wang stroked her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. As sweet moans escaped from Shao Xinyi lips.

A mischievous idea appeared in Mo Wang mind, he lifted her arm above her head, exposing her defenceless armpit, he struck his face in her armpit and licked it.

Shao Xinyi body shivered from the ticklish sensation on her armpits, as he continued with his thorough massage of her small nipples while he licked her armpit.

As sweet moan from Shao Xinyi mouth only increased, he pinched the nipple that had grown hard and erect.


Her body trembled like an electric current had run through her. "My darling Tyrant Empress, if you already moaning from this little play, then I'm seriously worried about our future." 

He noticed it earlier, but her body far more sensitive than his wife. He took her other nipple into his mouth and licked it.


Shao Xinyi shook from the sexual pleasure assaulting her, as lust started building up in her body. Mo Wang attack only became stronger, while he took turns pinching and sucking on her nipples, his attacks only grew more passionate and stronger.


She finally couldn't take it. As Mo Wang ruthlessly attacked her nipples and she arched her back as if holding her nipples out to him.

"Why? Do my...nipple feel so...good! My nipples feel.....too good....ahhhhh." 

With her mind fogged over, she panted heated breaths, as she felt something coming out of her vagina.


Her body convulsed, her mind went blank for a second, when her vision returned, she found Mo Wang hand gently stroking her cheek.