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45 Offending Duan Clan Part 1

A middle age man  quickly arrived hearing the commotion as he slapped Duan Ruogang on face, leaving a red hand print of five fingers on his face.

"Your highness pleases forgive this impudent animal for his misbehaviour." Even through he was asking for forgiveness his tone was more like somebody high above ordering someone.

This man was non other than the current head of Duan clan 'Duan Rong' he looked somebody in his thirty's he had feature similar to his son but his eye made him look like a crafty person.

"Father you don't need to show respect for these people. After Xie Yun fall hundreds year ago you already lost the right to go against our Duan clan." This wasn't a big secret in demon realm everyone was aware of it.

There was another reason 'Four Greater' clan didn't dare swallow Xie empire that was  because of Xie Yun strength and her ruthless means was more than enough for even  'Four Greater' clan to be wary of her presence.

But a hundred years ago Xie Yun suddenly disappeared leaving her empire and younger sister to defend for herself. Even after disappearance of Xie Yun 'Four Greater' clan didn't dare lay a single finger on Xie empire. Simply because of fear that one day Xie Yun might return. 

Mo Wang face still maintained a harmless smile "So, you no longer put royal family in your eye and want to get ride of it but I believe remaining three patriarch will not allow this injustice as a heroic and righteous clan."

No body noticed Mo Wang lip curved into even more demonic grin "So, they will absolutely not join together with such ill-mannered group instead they will use their strength to help this world get rid of these shameless rebels right patriarch."

The Duan Rong narrowed his eye as he coldly look towards Mo Wang just like a poisonous snake watching his prey.

"This brat only used a few words to isolate my Duan clan and turn the rest of 'Four Greater' clan into my enemies." The relation between 'Four Greater' clan seemed harmonious on the surface but in reality for last three-thousands years they always fought each other in dark for Xie empire after all who would want to share this fat piece of juicy meat.

Patriarch of Zou, Qiu, Shao couldn't react to this strange development and were struck in dilemma they were given the perfect opportunity to get rid Duan clan while becoming great hero who saved the Xie empire from ungrateful rebel. In their future ambition this reputation will greatly help them.

On other hand, if they cooperated with Duan clan they will be branded as ungrateful people who harmed their own nation. At same time it will provides a valid reason for other sect and nation to attack them in the name of justice.

Patriarch of Zou, Qiu, Shao clan were hesitating but they suddenly heard a cold voice beside their ear "You better think this through without me you wouldn't be able to put a single scratch on Xie Quan."

They originally wanted use this reason to combine their force rid of Duan clan. After all Duan clan strength was increasing every day but at same time didn't have the strength to go against Xie Quan.

The crowd already start discussing about the affairs of 'Four Greater' clan hearing them talk Duan Rong expression became even more dark as he throw icy cold glance towards patriarch of Zou, Qiu, Shao clan.

So, they merely gave a few dry cough and were thinking what to say to clear up the situation.

Before they could say anything Duan Ruogang was already shouting in rage  "What right does a gigolo like you who only relay on woman have  to speak."

This was no different than help from heaven at the moment tension was just starting to increase these words forced the crowd attentions back toward Mo Wang.

Duan Rong merely showed a gentle smile but his eyes were chilling cold "let's see brat!! how would deal with this situation. I will make you regret ever offending my Duan clan."