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44 Banquet Part 2

Mo Wang felt a killing intent directed towards him but it quickly vanished. He always had been much more sensitive to these than normal people. 

So, it didn't took much effort to found the culprit. It was a handsome young man with an age close to twenty-five, dressed in yellow robe and sharp eyebrows raised showing his extreme arrogance with an imposing appearance. He possessed an extraordinary presence that will make him stand out in the crowd.

This young man was glaring at him with deep hatred and killing intent through he tried his best to hide his intentions but it couldn't escape Mo Wang eye.

Mo Wang could only ask Xie Quan about the identity of that young man "He belong to Duan clan one of 'Four Greater' clan Duan Ruogang. An extraordinary genius of his generation."

Seeing Mo Wang was completely clueless of power structure of Xie empire. Xie Quan explained the entire power structure with Mo Wang intelligence it didn't take much effort to understand the entire power struggle of Xie empire.

Since, the establishment of Xie empire it was supported by 'Four Greater' clans Duan, Zou, Qiu, Shao and 'Five Lesser' clans Ling, Shi, Wan, Ma, Liao. Both great and lesser clan suppressed each other creating a balance but this balance had been broken last three-thousands years ago with four great clan suddenly gaining the strength to surpass five lesser clan and leaving them in dust.

Even till this day 'Five Lesser' clan couldn't catch up to 'Four Greater' clan as the strength of 'Four Greater' continued to increase each day.

Originally both clan were to suppress each other at same time offer a sense of urgency and pressure to constantly improve the quality of member of each clan and with royal family controlling the situation from the shadows it will lead to forming a perfect balance that will help Xie empire train countless experts.

But this perfect balance had been destroyed leading to such unfavourable situation. No matter, how you looked at this it was suspicious an external reason was deeply involved in this matter.

This external reason can be only humans because only human possessed the ability to refine pill to help in cultivation and the only human sect that appeared in demon realm was spirit blade sect.

But even if it wasn't spirit blade sect they should have influence and strength comparable to it. An enemy that had patience to wait for three-thousand year for royal family strength to run dry, they got rid of their biggest obstacle without even lifting a single finger.

Not, only they gained endless resources of Xie empire at the same time 'Four Greater' clan were nothing more than puppet to help them further invade demon realm.

"I wouldn't have given a damn even if you wanted to destroy the world but you had laid your hand on something that belong to my wife. So, I promise to wipe you out of existences." Mo Wang silently thought to himself.

Mo Wang lip curved into harmless smile as looked towards Duan Ruogang who was drowning himself in wine a strand of black Qi shot through his finger towards Duan Ruogang and drilling between his eyebrows. But the strangest thing is nobody noticed this strand of Qi, even Duan Ruogang was unaware of it.

Duan Ruogang had a belly full of anger for a while but with no place to vent it. He could only drown himself in alcohol but moment that black strand entered his mind all his emotions exploded. 

"YOU DAMN BITCH!!! how dare you betray this daddy, I would have allowed you to become my first wife but know you can be only a bitch to warm my bed." Duan Ruogang had a malevolent expression like a vengeful spirit. 

He had been a genius since the moment he was born showered with the love of his clansmen. He was gained everything he ever desired without any problems.

After entering place at age of fifteen to pay respect to empress the every moment he lay his eyes upon Xie Quan he had fallen in love at first sight. He already considered Xie Quan as his woman.

So, how could he sit quietly when she was talking cheerfully to another man. While she didn't even once smile upon him, all his jealously and anger exploded.

Mo Wang eye grew colder with each second, even through he did expect this kind of result but daring to spew that kind of nonsense. He wasn't courting death but begging for it.