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43 Banquet Part 1

Three different seats were prepared for the highest authority's of Xie empire in the grand hall of imperial palace Xie Quan sat in the middle with remaining two seat at her side empty.

All well-known figures of Xie empire were invited, Sect master of prestigious sect and patriarch of ancient heritage. Yet, each one of them possessed a humble expression and couldn't wait to falter Xie Quan.

Xie Qian still had maintained a calm demeanor as she coldly gazed at these sect master and patriarch who were trying to use every type of lip service to falter her.

If somebody asked if Xie Quan found this flattery enjoyable than her answer would be she found it only as a nuisance, these same people wouldn't hesitate to kill her if there cultivation surpassed her.

Originally she thought after her sister returned, she could take a break and lazy around but instead she is spending her time with Mo Wang like a newly wed couple.

And this pissed her, she was still single after two hundred year. So, seeing them show their  naked affections in front her and passionate moans at night were a serious problem for her maiden heart.

A certain sect master murmured "Your highness which renowned master has been summoned by you on this event."

Those three seats not only represents highest authority but also prominent status. One must know there were only two seat on every occasion, one for current empress the other for previous empress. 

So, everyone was sure some renowned expert had been summoned, other than those expert which person had right to even sit at that seat.

When the entire grand hall was locked into a intense discussion a young youth gracefully entered the grand hall and walked towards  the seat closest to Xie Qian without any hesitation.

But this seemingly common action was no different from throwing a pebble in a still pond. They all looked towards Xie Quan to see how she will deal with him.

But on Xie Quan face there was no anger or displeasure but a brilliant smile just like thousand flower blooming in spring. This scenes left everyone puzzled because this youth own strength no more than Qi condensation realm stage one.

This youth was no other than Mo Wang, he sat there with calm demeanor like everything in this world was meaningless to him just like monarch. Through his action were arrogant no one would care about such small character.

The young genius of entire Xie empire were gathered here on this occasion. Each one of them can be considered as proud son and daughter of heaven.

While female disciple of every sect was watching Mo Wang with eager eye just like looking at a big piece of juicy meat. If Mo Wang looks were called second best than no one in this world would claim to be first but they could only sigh in disappointment! No matter, how great his beauty was it would be worthless if he didn't own enough strength.

So, how could proud daughter of heaven marry such a guy. But this simple action was more than enough infuriate every male disciple and turn their eyes green with envy.

But the most they couldn't accept was empress Xie Qian smiling at him. Even if they were élite of their respective sect or clan they still had to compete for resource but if they won the favour of empress.

Not will they gain a limitless resources but also a beauty as wife. They would no different from a carp turning into a dragon.They tried every method possible to attract the attention of empress but they didn't receive a single smile.

Yet, a trash with the strength of Qi condensation realm was receiving her favour and most of them already entered orb formations realm and their age wasn't much far apart than Mo Wang. So, how could proud son heaven accept this!

Mo Wang already became public enemy of every male. After entering the grand hall only for few minute.

"looks like you are quiet popular Mo Wang." Xie Quan voice was slight teasing with a bit of jealously.

Mo Wang merely nodded his head in affirmation and could care less about enemies. Till you cultivate there would be no shortage of idiots who would want to die