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38 Unknown Desire Part 1

Cài Lian eyes carried neither happiness of achieving the legendary state that every swordsman desired to reach or despair of defeat.

Her eyes were void of any emotions, just like a broken doll. Cài Lian already understood her  life no longer belonged to only her but to that insolent man. If he desired her to live, she would live? if he desired her to die, she would die? 

Just like a puppet with no will of its own. she would rather die than live a life filled with humiliation making her determination she  picked her sword with her remaining strength.

She placed the sword on her neck with trembling hands, closing her eyes peacefully  as tears slide down her face and spoke in heart wrenching tone "Mother, father forgive this daughter for being unfilial, for dying without taking revenge on your murders."

She didn't fear death but there was only one regret of her life. That she couldn't find the murderer of her parent's.

Cài Lian had to only apply a little strength and her life will come to an end. The great prodigy of sword will turn into nothing more than a cold corpse.

Before, Cài Lian could end her life a black light knocked the sword out of her hand. she felt her arms turning numb as she moved her head to face the culprit behind all this. That man walked towards her carrying an air of indifference and calmness like everything in this world was meaningless to him.

"You won't even allow me to die in peace!" her voice carried obvious traces of fatigue and weariness. She had lived her entire life for vengeance and only showing care for spirit blade sect because it raised her.

So at this moment felt like a bird flying in horizon free from all worries, she was finally released from all her burdens, just for this dream to be cruelly crushed by this demon. 

"Of Course, how could I allow you to die just like that. You are my precious new toy." Mo Wang was truly happy with her talent and luck. And a bit of his guidance it wouldn't be odd for her to become strong enough to defeat sword gods. Above all, after his adjustment to contract she would never be able to betray me.

"Do what ever you wish to do! I will treat it like being bitten by a dog." Cài Lian understood the fate of defeated woman can be worse than death sometimes so she refused to speak anymore.

Mo Wang didn't get angry rather his lips curved into a mocking smile "Aren't you knowledgeable, but if I'm a dog you will be my bitch."

Cài Lian had originally wanted to make Mo Wang angry to kill her but it seems like her scheme had been seen through. So, easily and even backfired letting her being called a woman with loose morals.

She only rolled her eyes in anger. So what if she knew a thing or two about relation between man and woman, she was a virgin but she had lived for than a hundreds years with all her fellow sisters marrying off.

They would brag to her about their husband stamina or size. But she could care less about such things, she had already made plans to leave cultivation world after taking her revenge and spending her entire life in an unknown village.

Cài Lian gnashed her teeth in anger and was ready to get up but she found out! She couldn't move a single muscle, she looked towards woman with black hair only to see her having a mischievous smile.

Cài Lian expression kept on changing on from anger to helplessness and finally giving up. While she was lost in her thoughts I continued observing her body.

Her clothes were ripped from several revealing her entire figure it only made her turn more alluring and erotic. Mo Wang wouldn't care even if Cài Lian was naked but the unknown desire in his heart grew stronger with each second as his hand moved towards her breast.

Seeing his hand approach her breast Cài Lian closed her eyes in despair. She already knew,  she was going to be defiled by this man. But after a long time she felt nothing so she opened her eyes to see his hand stop an inch away from her breast.