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Cài Lian charged at Mo Wang just like a wild beast ready to tear him to pieces with her sword aiming for his heart with a raging   momentum.

Mo Wang had a poker face showing neither fear or delight but merely used his fingers to trap the sword between his two finger. Putting a stop to her raging momentum than ruthlessly giving a kick towards her head.

 As she skilfully avoided it jumping backwards  and putting some distance between them.

"Do call this child play mastery of sword?" Mo Wang didn't even try hiding his contempt for Cài Lian.

 Even through she was shocked by Mo Wang strength it didn't mean she will allow him to insult her sword.

She devoted her entire life to sword because this was the only thing she could relay on. At the age of five her parents were murdered and she was taken in by spirit blade sect.

After entering the sect she started training like crazy causing her to faint from exhaustion on multiple occasions but she didn't cry or give up. She continued forward without regrets and she became one of the rarely seen prodigy.

Cài Lian just wanted to charge again but she understood those attacks wouldn't work against Mo Wang. She couldn't accept it she still hadn't avenged her parents death if she lose! all her hard work and sacrifice will become meaningless.

As she looked towards her sword with complex emotion uncertainty, anxiety, unease, unwillingness. She felt many emotions that couldn't be explained in words but at some point those emotion vanished in thin air as the world slowly lost all colour.

Leaving only her alone as the boundaries between her soul and sword disappeared as the two slowly blend into one, the sword was no longer a foreign object but an extension of herself, it had become a part of herself.

Just like a ferocious beast which had awoken from her slumber a sword intent that could cover heaven and earth spread throughout space. Cài Lian no longer felt any felt helplessness but she felt like an expert that could split mountains and part sea. 

Human will show their true potential when pushed into a corner. Cài Lian at last moment had entered a miraculous state that was the goal of every swordsman, the legendary state of "man and sword as one".

Mo Wang lips curved into a sneer "Indeed those chosen by heaven are different. Even if they are pushed into a hopeless situation there would be some kind of absurd miracle that would save their burning as*.

Cài Lian raised her sword overlooking heaven showing her utter disdain for the world and spoke in a voice devoid of emotions, just like handing down a judgement.

"Splitting Heaven and Earth"

With a single swing she released a dazzling sword light that shred everything in its path turning it into dust. Seeing the situations was taking a turn for worse, Mo Wang no longer hold himself back.

Just like millennium old volcano had eruption, a thick black mist spread throughout space with unprecedented momentum

overpowering the sword intent, as the  sword intent started slowly retreating. It seemed like a mouse had come across cat.

This black mist was overflowing with cruelty, brutality, savagery and ferocity. It looked like a ancient beast that couldn't wait tear heaven and earth apart and eradicate everything in existence.

Even sword intent felt genuine fear, because no matter how strong sword intent was in the end. It couldn't compare to evil Qi, it was as old as time itself.

Evil wasn't simply something bad it was the essences of every creäture. Every creäture without exception possessed a bit of evil in different forms of desire and Mo Wang was ruler of evil in truest sense.

Mo Wang covered his hand in evil Qi to form a  black blade releasing it towards the sword light, the moment two collided against each other a deafening explosion could be heard. As the dust was flying everywhere forming a small mushroom.

The dust stall down, reveling a woman with her clothes ripped from several places. Exposing her well-balanced body he moved with slow steps towards her, each step increased her heart-beat it felt like he was stepping on her heart without mercy cruelly trampling it underneath his feet.