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Mo Wang raised her chin and spoke intimidating tone "But it will be no fun if I just kill you. So why don't we play a little game."

"What if I refuse?" No matter what kind of game this psycho wanted to play she didn't want any part of it.

"Do you seriously believe, you have any other choice." his tone was filled with mockery.

Hearing him talk like she was worthless garbage Cài Lian body trembled as she bit her lips facing Mo Wang gaze of contempt and thought to herself "This is a do or die situation but till she survived, she will be able to gain everything back and kill this insolent man who had humiliated her."

"You better not regret it. If I win you will release me." through her voice sounded calm and cool just like gentle breeze of autumn but if anyone listened carefully they could feel a slight shiver in her tone.

Of course, it didn't escape Mo Wang notice as his lip curved upwards into an evil grin. Once a butterfly has been caught in spider web it's struggle only serves to entangle it more.

With that Xie Yun and Mo Wang disappeared from prison. Appearing in a space filled with exotic herbs and rich heaven and earth Qi

"What is this place?" Cài Lian was pretty sure the rich heaven and earth Qi in here was comparable to forbidden grounds of peak sect. There were many herbs she hadn't even heard of in her lifetime.

"Don't be too surprised this would be your new home if you lose." his tone carried a strange confidence. 

"So what will be competing in!" it was the thing she was most concerned about, if it was something she didn't knew then wouldn't she be no different from fish on chopping board.

"We will competing in mastery of sword." She couldn't believe Mo Wang will give her advantages but she was sure! she wouldn't lose in a sword fight, she had practiced sword from the age of six and it had been her pride.

With a snap of fingers Cài Lian cultivation was released as some evil intentions start rising in her heart. She gained back her cultivation of  void firmament rank-three with her current strength it wouldn't be impossible to kill Mo Wang with only strength of Qi condensation realm.

But her intentions disappeared the moment she felt shiver down her spin, she quickly turned to only find a chilly gaze directed at her, it made her feel like she fallen in a frozen lake.

A woman dressed in completely black with her chilly abyss like eyes staring dagger at Cài Lian. She was Yao Mei at this moment she felt  furious how dare a lowly human even have thought of killing her husband in front of her.

Only she was allowed to bully her husband. If Mo Wang heard her, he would surely say "You bullying me doesn't make it less right!"

Mo Wang wasn't scared since they were inside divine realm ring it was Yao Mei domain "Yao Mei don't kill her she is still useful and Cài Lian bring your cultivation to my level."

Cài Lian didn't have any problems because they were competing in mastery of sword. As she brought her cultivation to Qi condensation realm.

Cài Lian took her long sword out of interspatial ring. Interspatial ring are the ring with a pocket dimensions inside it, with a mere thought the owner could store or retrieve them at will. It was convenient item but its biggest flaw was its limited space.

The long sword Cài Lian took unusually thin and entire body was blue just like deep sea ocean. The sword was around 3-feet long and 3 inches wide. 

This sword put great emphasis on agility and quickness these kind of opponents were much harder to deal than normal opponents. But this became even more fun don't underestimate or disappoint me Cài Lian or you will regret it