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"Who made these clothes?" Mo Wang was dressed in black robe with golden spider-lily embroidered on it.

It made him look extremely charming and alluring but with his natural deposition of monarch and those indifferent and calm eyes that held contempt for everything under heaven. 

He looked just like an evil flower that bloomed in darkness feeding on despair, resentment, and hatred even knowing it was dangerous. They couldn't help but be attracted by it only to end up as its prey and never to be heard ever again.

But the most impressed was Xie Yun as she could only sigh hopelessly. This evil flower was still a bud but it's fragrance was more than enough to attract countless butterfly and bees. 

Mo Wang after his rebirth had appearance of  fifteen or sixteen year-old but he was already considered a devilish beauty. Xie Yun had a strong urge to hide her husband in some far away place where nobody could find him but she decided against it.

"I sew these clothes for you, does it not suit your taste." She had gentle smile on her face but he felt a threat in her tone. While Xie Yun was dressed in her red robe with precious gems on it. 

Mo Wang shut his mouth and at this moment he honestly understood why even strongest saiyan was scared of his wife. He wasn't scared of his wife, he just simply didn't have a  fetish to be abused.

"Since you don't have any problem with your clothes, let's go to banquet!" Xie Yun had a satisfied expression.

"Wait! before that can lead me where  you keep prisoners." He could care less about some banquet he was more concerned about the last surviver from spirit blade sect.

She was an important source of information Xie Yun didn't ask any question and took Mo Wang to prison.

It didn't take a long time ago to reach the prison with Xie Yun guiding him, but he noticed on his way the gaze of guards and maids was something he was extremely familiar with; it was fear but this fear wasn't directed towards him but instead Xie Yun.

Mo Wang looked towards Xie Yun only to find her having a gloomy expression. He could only hold her hands and gave her an assuring smile, no matter what happens I will always be by your side.

"I have already taken you to prison you could whatever you want to do!" Seeing she didn't ask anything Mo Wang could finally sigh in relief.

Within any relationship the most important thing is trust. Xie Yun simply trusted her husband if didn't want to tell her, she wouldn't ask! 

The prison looked normal at first glance but in reality it was filled with mystical runes and deadly traps a single misstep was enough to send you someone to trip of hell.

I carefully opened the door of prison and saw a woman sitting cross-legged trying to cultivate her hardest with beads of sweat gathering on her forehead as her eyelashes trembled a little when she heard the door opening.

She opened her eyes seeing the devilishly handsome man but all she felt was genuine fear. This man cruelly slaughtered her sect member in front of her with a smile.

"Aren't you quite beautiful! what's your name?" She possessed an elegant face with curly eyebrows and a small delicate mouth and well-balanced body neither too fat or neither too thin. At first glance she would look like a harmless creäture but Mo Wang felt she was just like a sharp sword disguised as a rusty dagger.

"I'm Cai Lian your excellency." All man indeed are same if she played her cards right she will be able to kill this man and escape but Mo Wang next words destroyed all her hopes turning her heart cold.

"I wonder if you be still this beautiful after being skinned or do want to dismembered in thousand pieces." Cai Lian face had already turned ashen with body trembling but Mo Wang face still had the same smile.

This man isn't human he is a demon. Mo Wang didn't feel he did anything wrong because in his eyes even the greatest beauty is nothing more than flesh and bones.