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18 Starting Of New Era

Mo Wang glanced at the people laying on the grounds, just like beaten dogs. Finally his gaze fall on a elder Han, Mo Wang couldn't help! but give a chilling laughter that make any person scalp go numb with fear.

Remembering, How he couldn't do anything against elder Han, but simply die a useless death.

Mo Wang walked towards elder Han with slow steps, with each step Mo Wang increased the pressure on those men of elder Han.

After some time! If anyone one lay eyes on those men now! they wouldn't dare think these people were proud heavenly core cultivaters.

There bones had turned into powder, blood vessels were ruptured, they could be seen bleeding from mouth, eyes, nose and ears, they didn't even look human, but a ghost from the depths of hell.

Mo Wang stood infront of elder Han looking down him! As he tired with his all might to rise his head and barely spoke some words thorugh his gritted teeth

" why...are...you...doing...this....we...have...no


Elder Han didn't think for a second that the one before him was Mo Wang, since he only had the strength of eight gates and one who stood infront him was someone whose strength even surpasses their sect master.

In his eyes Mo Wang was no different then a trash that can be killed on a whim. Never in his wildest dreams elder Han would have thought that one day, he will be at the mercy of the trash, he depised so much.

Mo Wang elder Han and said in a cold tone "Elder Han, How could you forget about me? after killing me."

Elder Han eyes widened out in shock and spoke in a trembling voice"You are that brat, it's impossible."

Elder Han couldn't believe it, since not only Mo Wang looks completely changed, his strength completely surpass him. Don't people end up in hell or go to cycle of reincarnation after dying.

Instead of coming back, stronger then ever. Elder Han understood, he was no match for Mo Wang, so he choose to beg for his life"I was ordered by sect master to kill Xie Yun. If you can spare my life, I can provide you with all of the information about spirit blade sect."

Mo Wang was seriously disappointed beyond belief, wasn't it common sense to act like arrogant idiot and only start shedding tears, after you saw a coffine.

"Don't worry! I'm not unreasonable person, you can choose from having your soul destroyed or turn into meat patty."

Elder Han almost coughed out blood! he wasn't unreasonable, he either wanted my soul destroyed or turn into me meat patty. Through he didn't know what meat patty meant? from Mo Wang mouth he could found one thing, it wasn't anything good.

"Since you can't chose, I will be kind and chose for you. You can experience both, aren't a gentle and caring person."

Elder Han was awakened from his thoughts by the sharp pain, the sound of bones breaking could be heard. Mo Wang formed a ball out of elder Han, as bended his bones in different angles.

Originally dignified face of elder Han was covered with tears and snot, as he continued to beg, finally used his pressure to turn elder Han into mashed meat and destroyed his soul.


While elder Han was crying was in despair, the entire dimension had already been released from Mo Wang pressure.

The entire dimension was celebrating birth of a new era, since the purity of heaven and earth Qi became almost comparable to the beginning of time.

On birth of every realm huge amount of heaven and earth Qi is born, all creatures use it cultivate themself, and when they die this heaven and earth Qi is released back, but only a part of it is usable, most of it become contaminated with greed, hatred, aura of despair and myriad negative emotions and can't be refined by every person.

All negativity in this dimension vanished, rising the purity of Qi to unimaginable level.

Starting a era that will give birth to countless hero's and prodigy that can be only seen once every million years.

All competing each other for the throne of ruler all of realms. This was a era of hope and dreams, but became a era of utter despair and nightmare, it was later known as;

"Era Of Cataclysm" only because of a single person.